Tomorrow should be the day we finally get to practicing MXII songs again. I’ve started writing a new song for the band, too.. well, basically just one cool riff. Creativity is slower than ever these days.

Work has become routine again. Some days are easy and other days make me wanna quit, but I guess every job is like that.

I visited the amusement park Linnanmäki a week ago. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. The first ride almost made me pass out, but it feels as if I slowly built a tolerance for the speed and the spinning. I think I tried all the awesome rides, including Ukko, which was a great adrenaline rush. To be at a height of 50+ (?) metres upside-down and survive the experience was pretty damn fun. I even tried TopSpin (called Kieppi these days, I think), which I never had the guts to try before: it was a small victory in my life.

Back to Business

I’m back at the ol’ grind. Work’s okay, but getting up in the morning has been a real struggle. It’s good to have routines, but I’m gonna miss all my spare time.

We played the second wedding gig on the weekend and it was a blast! We started at about midnight and played until two in the night. Yesterday we went back to the rehearsal room and jammed some Kyuss, after we got everything set up again. There’s no clear direction for the band stuff now, but I’m sure we’ll think of something..


Weekends are for relaxing.

Went bowling which I haven’t done in a long time, it was quite fun! Didn’t bowl as good as I used to, but I had to look after Sofia at the same time, so that might account for it. I had a few strikes!

It’s been pretty slow otherwise.. I’m pretty much sure I’ll continue working at the daycare center after July, which means I’m safe until 2013! Take it, Mayans.. Wait what?

Had a nice time at the band rehearsal today. I’m pretty sure we’ve found our singer and SHE is quite competent. There’s gonna be a few changes to the songs to accommodate for her voice…. free jazz ftw. We also played some Adele, Katy Perry and of course heard Miiro’s extraordinary beautiful rendition of Mies, jolle ei koskaan tapahdu mitään complete with karaoke’ish yelps and a drunk attitude. Well, not just an attitude, to be honest.

Work is pretty much routine now, so it’s become a bit boring and tedious, but I’m challenging myself by trying to be better, more efficient and more involved and interested. It’s not that I’m disinterested, it’s just that at some point this type of work kinda levels off..

I’ve had a fun time doing stuff with Sofia. Last week we went to a playground nearby which we hadn’t visited before.

Sofia istuu

Draped in Disease

A week draped in disease fortunately ends in good health! At least for me, although I’m still not feeling perfect, but I’m getting there.

It’s been almost to the day one year since I received my last paycheck before I received one again yesterday! Earned money always feels so much better than money you receive for unemployment. I’m enjoying this job and having mixed feelings of it ending at the end of June.

I watched The Spanish Prisoner with Petra the other night. It was just as great as I remembered it to be from watching it the last time several years ago.

Not much else special going on.. Probably gonna start recording the first part of a three-part piece the coming week, but it depends on how much effective time I have…

A Productive Week

A lot happened this week. First week of work behind me at the new job and both a training and a record session with the band!

Having a job feels like having a job, to be honest. It’s not as much in my ballpark as my earlier job at Omnia Audiopaja, but it’s educative in other ways. I’ll probably only be there until the end of June anyways, so I should try to take the most of it.

Pate finished editing the video from the recording session last night and posted it on Facebook and I added them on the website.. Check it out!

I still hate seeing myself in videos. I used only headphones when I mixed the sound, so it’s a bit iffy, but it’ll do for a live recording! Should’ve used a reference, I guess.

Time to go to work…

Got up an hour ago. Been all kinds of personal chores and other stuff to pass the time, but in about an hour I’ll be at work for the first time in about a year. Pretty interesting.

We recorded some live takes of Can’t Catch It, Cigarette Gaze and Gift with Miiro and Pate yesterday and if all goes according to plan (which I’ve realized never does) I’ll record the bass parts tonight! Pate will edit some crazy video stuff over it and we’ll upload them for your amusement. There were some hilarious incidents as we played and in my opinion they can only be taken as a sign of how well we play together and good chemistry… Let’s hope they were recorded as ones and zeros!

We’ll still looking for a new singer and bassist so if you think you’re up to the task contact anyone from the band or mail us!


So I got a job! Just a temporary job, but better than nothing. I’ll be taking care of children at a local daycare center ’till July. Who knows, maybe there’s a career in that..

I also retrieved my repaired MacBook Pro from Machuolto, who did I fine job fixing it up! I’ll probably record some jams at the rehearsal room when I get a chance. Stay tuned!

Music’s Cool

Been working on more and more music stuff. I pretty much gave up on gaming, but I might get addicted to the Facebook version of Angry Birds, unless I find something else that’s even slightly interesting. In the mean time however music will be my focus…

Had a kind of a job interview today. More on that later as the story develops and minds are made up.