Helped out my friend Tomppa with a house his family is building. It made me realize how lucky I am not having to engage in manual labour very often. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s enjoyable to some extent depending on my mood, but not if it’s prolonged and arduous. And eventually my places start aching. 😀

I’ve felt really tired lately.. Dunno why exactly. Haven’t had any more stuff to do than usually, but everything just feels fatiguing. Gotta figure it out.

We’ll be recording the bass parts for Smothered/LCD today, hopefully.

Finished reading The Road. The ending was different from what I expected and I’m not sure if I’m disappointed by it. I think I’ll be picking up some other book soon; kinda promised myself I’d keep reading fiction.

Another Theme Change

I noticed the earlier theme messed up the images, so I changed theme again. I’m digging the colour!

I’ve almost read The Road now. Only about 30 pages left and I’m already planning the next book I’ll read. It’ll most probably be another Cormac McCarthy book.. Maybe Blood Meridian.

Next weekend we’ll be recording the bass and the rest of guitars for Smothered and LCD, but recording the vocals have been postponed by a week, so it’ll be a while until we get them done.

Makeshift and S.H.Arkfister both received five stars on Maihinnousu.net! I dunno who gave them five stars, but it’s nice to know someone likes our music. 😀 I’ve also been toying with the thought of releasing some kind of a torrent package of our music, but I’m not entirely sure how it should be done.. Gotta look into it.

Mixshifting Makeshift

Finally finished a decent mix of Makeshift. Gonna ask the band what the dig and then we might put it on for other people to enjoy as well. Mixing is fun in some sense but annoying in another. Must be cos I’m doing it at home where the acoustic environment is shit and array of plug-ins available is laughable. Once we buy more furniture it’ll get better… I’ve also been practicing playing guitar which is something I haven’t quite frankly done in ages. I’ve been playing MXII songs mostly.

Started reading Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. This far it’s been awesome. His writing style is very different from anything I’ve encountered earlier and it took me a while to get used to it, but I think I might take up reading his other books, too. I should definitely be reading more. It’s something I like and it soothes me, but somehow I seem to avoid it, unless I find a book I really like. Duh. Also reading The Music Producer’s Handbook by Bobby Owsinski, but that’s coming along slower.

I lead a few public games in Project Reality and it’s quite fun! Still no Branch in IG, though. There was a sale on games on Steam, so I bought a few for pretty cheap. I got Garry’s Mod for 2,50 euros and there are these RP servers that are okay’ish, but nothing mind-blowing. I also bought Oblivion and tried to start it, but it was kinda meh. I’ll try again later. Skyrim will rox my sox once it’s out, though.

Gonna go play football soon and I’m hoping it’s not too hot outside. At least the sun isn’t shining for once..