Puke-a-thon. If there’s one disease to be hated…

Been writing some riffs for a trio type ensemble.. Heavily inspired by Kyuss, Slo Burn, etc. Let’s see if this is a lasting direction.

Looking forward to seeing The Hobbit. Don’t have tickets yet and I might not go see it until January, unless we get a nice evening without the kids after it’s opened on the 12th.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward

Don’t you just hate it when life deals you good cards, but you still can’t seem to win?

Looking for talented musicians to join a band is hard. We’ve had what seems like amazing luck, but also utterly abysmal luck at the same time. Found some great singers and bass players who seem to lose interest at a moment’s notice.. Gotta try more, I guess.

The Problem

Time flies by when you’re having fun. Haven’t had a lot of time for myself lately, what with all the raising children and stuff. I’ve not managed to record any guitars for Defenestrated – The Break yet, but I did, however, manage to program the drums to sound better..ish. I’ll still have to tweak them once I get the time.. Oh and record the guitars, damnit.

I did almost finish a song for the band. Still needs a solo, though. And the interlude needs to be worked on..

Story of my life. Many things to do, not enough time.

The Break

It’s been a lazy few days on my part. Haven’t accomplished much of anything, except for today. Finally got around to doing some tedious maintenance tasks of life. 😀 There’s nothing like a half a day of work followed by some good food and company… followed by ice cream. Also wrote a tab for a Led Zeppelin song for tomorrow and managed to create a cool chord progression for the solo part of an MXII song called Hook, Line, Sinker. The name will probably still change, though, when I get to writing the lyrics…

Haven’t had the willpower to improve the drum-programming of the first part of Defenestrated, which is a three-part project I’ve been working on. I recorded the bass already, but the drums need some editing ‘cos the splashes and ride cymbals are on the wrong notes… Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow? Aaanyway, you can check out the current state:


Had a nice time at the band rehearsal today. I’m pretty sure we’ve found our singer and SHE is quite competent. There’s gonna be a few changes to the songs to accommodate for her voice…. free jazz ftw. We also played some Adele, Katy Perry and of course heard Miiro’s extraordinary beautiful rendition of Mies, jolle ei koskaan tapahdu mitään complete with karaoke’ish yelps and a drunk attitude. Well, not just an attitude, to be honest.

Work is pretty much routine now, so it’s become a bit boring and tedious, but I’m challenging myself by trying to be better, more efficient and more involved and interested. It’s not that I’m disinterested, it’s just that at some point this type of work kinda levels off..

I’ve had a fun time doing stuff with Sofia. Last week we went to a playground nearby which we hadn’t visited before.

Sofia istuu

Iron Sky

Saw Iron Sky last night with Tomppa! Pretty awesome, but somewhat not a really focused plot. Definitely worth the admission fee, though, and I’ll probably watch it again later with Petra.

Easter holiday, so I’ve got four days off from work! Pretty cool. Means I’ve got time to do things. Might start recording some solo stuff if I feel like it..

Band stuff is progressing nicely! There might be some exciting news soon, but I won’t speak out of turn..

Legend of Grimrock will be out on Wednesday, it will be cool!

A Productive Week

A lot happened this week. First week of work behind me at the new job and both a training and a record session with the band!

Having a job feels like having a job, to be honest. It’s not as much in my ballpark as my earlier job at Omnia Audiopaja, but it’s educative in other ways. I’ll probably only be there until the end of June anyways, so I should try to take the most of it.

Pate finished editing the video from the recording session last night and posted it on Facebook and I added them on the website.. Check it out!

I still hate seeing myself in videos. I used only headphones when I mixed the sound, so it’s a bit iffy, but it’ll do for a live recording! Should’ve used a reference, I guess.

Time to go to work…

Got up an hour ago. Been all kinds of personal chores and other stuff to pass the time, but in about an hour I’ll be at work for the first time in about a year. Pretty interesting.

We recorded some live takes of Can’t Catch It, Cigarette Gaze and Gift with Miiro and Pate yesterday and if all goes according to plan (which I’ve realized never does) I’ll record the bass parts tonight! Pate will edit some crazy video stuff over it and we’ll upload them for your amusement. There were some hilarious incidents as we played and in my opinion they can only be taken as a sign of how well we play together and good chemistry… Let’s hope they were recorded as ones and zeros!

We’ll still looking for a new singer and bassist so if you think you’re up to the task contact anyone from the band or mail us!

Cigarette Gaze

I started recording a demo version of Cigarette Gaze. First off, I had the drums imported into Pro Tools from Guitar Pro 5, which is the medium I use to write down ideas and compose music generally. After that I began practicing the bass stuff and once I had it down so-so I started recording it. When recording homedemos like these, I do a lot of copy-pasting to save time, so I took me probably 20-30 mins to adjust the sound and record all the necessary parts at a sufficient quality. Here’s what I have this far:

[audio:http://www.juhapaakko.fi/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/cigarettegazebasso.mp3|titles=Cigarette Gaze Bass]

In other news, I applied for a job at Linnanmäki, the amusement park in Helsinki. Got a job interview in a few weeks, we’ll see how that pans out. Although I think I might have other options I could pursue before starting there, but it’s good to have something to fall back on.

I’ve also been playing some more Skyrim, which seems to be endless…

Fun Day

Had a nice day today. We went bowling and playing billiards with Mia, Sofia and a friend of mine. I won the bowling, wee! For some weird reason the bowling skills I’ve slowly accumulated during the last ~18 years haven’t vanished, even though I’ve had breaks of several years in between. I also got a few lucky wins in billiards, but it was fun, anyway. 😀

I’m a bit disappointed at how slow Mercalli XII is happening. I feel like I should be doing more to get stuff done… On the other hand I’ve been working on some of my own music, after rummaging through my old music ideas folders. Thousands of files of random ideas and songs ranging from weird black metal stuff to strange attempts at serialism. Sometimes in the same idea. I kinda wanna write a song and record it all by myself, just to get the feeling of progress. The good part about playing in a band is not having to memorize and learn to play all the parts, which can be a drag when doing solo stuff.

It’s strange listening to old music you wrote, but haven’t heard in ages. You find both diamonds and wasted coal. I’ve also got a more sophisticated sense of music these days. I’ve mixed genres in some weird ways back then…