Found myself a new(ish) game to play from Steam’s holiday sale: Civilization 5! A few things have changed since Civ3, which is the last installment I played of the series. It’s a good time sink if nothing else!


Not much going on lately, unfortunately. I’ve been sick with the flu.

Bought Mark of the Ninja on Steam. It’s a pretty cool game, which you can play in different ways, like the Hitman series. I’ve been playing it the stealthy way, trying not to raise any alarms and avoiding any kills, but I realized you get some sort of bonuses for kills too, so I might just change my playing style.

I’ve been practicing some Lamb of God songs! Reclamation, Blacken the Cursed Sun, Dead Seeds, Contractor… It’s been fun, especially when playing with an amp and somewhat cranking the volume, but I can’t really play once the kids are asleep, so I’ve been thinking about starting to drag Axe-FX back and forth between home and the rehearsal room…

Faster Than Light

I’ve been playing FTL. I like it, but I get really mad playing when after playing for two hours, my ship just gets pummeled by the Rebel Flagship. Yesterday, I managed to destroy it twice, but I think you have to destroy it thrice to beat the game..? Anyway, I wish there was a game like it, but longer and more RPG elements for the crew members, maybe? I dunno. I think I’m through with it for a while, because I hate having my progress just wiped out. I love games where you can progress, I guess.

Three Weddings and a Game

We’ve got the first wedding gig on Saturday. I’ve done most of my part and the songs are sounding pretty good, in my opinion! Might be fun to record something and put it up, if we get the chance. I’ll probably play some songs on the electric and a few songs on acoustic, but I’m not sure which ones, yet..

Diablo 3 has become a fun time-sink again. The scheduled maintenance stuff is getting annoying, but I’ll just have to think of other stuff to do when the servers are down.

Ear Infection, Pt. 15: The Payback

Another ear infection. Well, you had to have something good to follow after a stomach disease, so why not a classic? At least the doctor thought it was a classic case of ear infection. 😀

I’m up to level 55 in Diablo 3 now with my Demon Hunter character. The game has become noticeably harder in the Hell difficulty setting, but it’s still fun, so I’m chugging along. Actually, it’s much more fun to play with other people, I’ve been mostly playing with Tomppa.

Not much else going on.. Feeling a bit lackadaisical lately, but I guess it’s just a question of not having any proper goals at the moment. I’ll have to think of something…

No Food

I’m going on no food! Haven’t eaten pretty much anything during the last two days. I’ve got the runs. Luckily, I haven’t been puking like the last time I had these types of stomach problems.

Diablo 3 has occupied my mind for the most, but I’ve pretty much “figured it out”, as far as you can figure out a game and it’s maybe becoming a bit boring. There are also certain design flaws (or features), i.e. being forced to use the in-game auction house in order to have the type of gear you need to survive in the second difficulty level, that are giving me a bad taste. More rare drops, plz.

We watched The Expendables a few days ago. It was exactly what you might have expected. A strange lack of female upper body nudity for such a male machismo movie, though. The second part is opening in theatres in August, so I might have to go check it out.

Diablo 3

I simply couldn’t resist the temptation any longer, so at the moment I’m installing the guest pass version of Diablo 3, which Tomppa gave me. I’ve promised myself not to play it until I’ve gotten everything else done that I’m supposed to get done each day and hopefully it’ll be like that. Fortunately, the guest pass won’t go further than Act 1, so I’ll most likely be having a gaming pause until July, when work ends…

Finally Weekend

And some time to rest… not! Woke up with the kids at around half past six.

It’s been fun having Sofia around for already two entire days, and we’ll have two more to go. I posted a fun a picture of her on a swing on Facebook. 😀

We haven’t really had a chance to play Minecraft with Petra, but I’ve got some ideas and I’ve decided to really put some thought into decorating rooms. I saw a video of someone creating the batcave on YouTube and got inspired to do some similar stuff, but we’ll see how it pans out. 😛

More Minecraft

Started playing Minecraft again.. This time with Petra! 😀 It’s pretty fun and a local server was surprisingly easy to set up. I had some problems with the java on Mac, but I got it fixed by finding tips on the Minecraft forum.. The internets to the rescue.

I finally got the guitars recorded for The Break. Here’s what it sounds like in its current state:

[audio:|titles=The Break]

I still need to add some effects and mix it before it’s officially finished..