Finally Caught

Recorded what was left of Can’t Catch It’s guitars. Here’s what the demo ended up like:

[audio:|titles=Mercalli XII – Can’t Catch It (Demo)]

Pretty cool, but shorter than I originally thought it would be. The ending was the hardest part to record and I bet we’ll have some problems pulling it off live, but meh, we got time to practice. Next up I’ll probably record of a demo of LCD or Smothered, although I doubt they’re really needed. At least our fans (all three of you) will hear them before we record them properly. I also finished writing lyrics for CCI, but they might still need some work. We also decided to rearrange the verses of LCD, cos we had problems making any sensible vocals over them. Today we’ll go practice some more and see how stuff turns out.

Otherwise life is pretty shit, but whatever. Gonna go vote in the parliamentary elections today and see if anything cool happens. For some reason I feel like drinking coffee, but I’ll try to abstain. No sense in getting addicted for fun.

IG Metal Song

Zan from my Mount&Blade clan started working on a promotional video for us and he was asking around for music. Naturally, I volunteered to write and record something and here’s the result. The video is still in the works, but I thought I’d release the song for everyone to listen.

[audio:|titles=IG metal]

Gimme some bass!

Hokay. Did the act of ultimate sin for live purists: overdubbing on a live performance! Recorded bass over the two songs I posted earlier, giving them some true cojones.

Download MXII – Makeshift (Treenis Live with Bass)
[audio:|titles=MXII – Makeshift (Treenis Live with Bass)]

Download MXII – S.H. Arkfister (Treenis Live with Bass)
[audio:|titles=MXII – S.H. Arkfister (Treenis Live with Bass)]


Yes! Another version of Makeshift, recorded at the practice flat with Miiro and Pate. Yes, the ending is a bit sketchy. That’s my guitar to the left, Miiro’s to the right and Pate on the drums. Feel free to add comments, by the way. All I’ve been getting is spam comments lately. 😀

[audio:|titles=MXII – Makeshift (Treenis Live)]

Download MXII – Makeshift (Treenis Live)!

P.S. Happy birthday to Jari, my brother, the unofficial webmaster helping me out with all the technical stuff.