Visited my cousin’s family with Sofia yesterday! It was good fun to see Sofia play with other children, since I haven’t really witnessed that first-hand before. She wasn’t exactly polite in the way she behaved; taking toys out of other kids’ hands, but maybe she’ll learn to play nice once she gets older.

Been busy with music stuff, too. I’ve mixed some stuff and also I bought a plug-in emulation of the Fairchild 670 compressor, but I haven’t really gotten around to testing it yet. We’re laying the finishing touches on Makeshift tomorrow with Pate and waiting for Ari’s approval before sending it out to the internets for people to enjoy.

The second episode of True Blood’s fourth season aired a few nights ago, but I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. I  read some more of The Road, which is really a nice book in a gruesome way.

Here’s another video that Pate edited together of our little jam session a few weeks ago:

Walk This Way

Sofia is crawling now, and almost standing up on her own, too. That means I’m gonna be a lot more busier making sure she doesn’t hurt herself, which makes being home with her all day a lot more stressful than earlier. I tried creating a play pen for her out of soft objects I found around the apartment, but she doesn’t seem to like to be there. I’m constantly running around her with a pillow, so that when she eventually falls backwards it wouldn’t hurt too much.

Some more of Can’t Catch It, still missing some guitars. I’ll get to it when I have a chance.

[audio:|titles=Mercalli XII – Can’t Catch It (Unfinished Demo)]

Song of the moment:


Yay, income should be stabilized now. Applied for parenting benefits from KELA. Somehow it feels like I’m late with everything I should be doing lately, although I’m sure it’s not true in most cases.

There’s a crazy storm outside.. Almost a blizzard. Sofia keeps waking up on the balcony, but she falls right back to sleep.

I’m anxiously awaiting the reopening of Swadia’s RP server. The initial launch was cool, but riddled with bugs, which made the whole thing a bit messy, although we did manage to create some nice moments at the Rhodok fort. The Finnish national Warband team had a Nation’s Cup training match against Ukraine yesterday and we lost pretty badly. We managed to win a few rounds, but we had bad tactics and should’ve had more rangers.

Gift is starting to shape up into a nice little piece of business. I feel like it’ll be the first demo I’ll be recording. I still need to figure out the ending, but it’ll have two interludes.. The second interlude might actually become the outro, but I’m not sure yet, so I’ll keep trying out different stuff. Maybe I’ll get to some recording business later today, but I doubt it, unless time magically stops for everyone else but me. Fingers crossed.

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Save your consoul!

Found a cool video on YouTube by Lasse Gjertsen! He’s made all kind of funky vids that he uploads on YouTube and this one is quite amazing. It’s animated in 8-bit Nintendo style and has a story and all kinds of references to video games. Clocking in at 12min it’s quite long, but try to endure.  😛

If you like it, you might wanna subscribe to his channel at!