Made a few small changes in the About me section, complete with a picture change!

My current ways of finding new music are subscribing to feeds on Amazon and Spotify’s radio. It has resulted in several good finds, for example this morning I found this:

From Spotify’s alternative radio I found this:

MacBook UnPro

So my MacBook Pro stopped working last week. I took it to MacHuolto and they said it’d be 540e to fix it, cos the motherboard was broken. I was ready to let it travel to that great server farm up north, but Petra told me that our home insurance will probably cover it and we sent in the insurance application. Now we play the waiting game…

I also updated the About Me section, which you should check out, especially if you’ve got a job to offer me. 😉

Another Theme Change

I noticed the earlier theme messed up the images, so I changed theme again. I’m digging the colour!

I’ve almost read The Road now. Only about 30 pages left and I’m already planning the next book I’ll read. It’ll most probably be another Cormac McCarthy book.. Maybe Blood Meridian.

Next weekend we’ll be recording the bass and the rest of guitars for Smothered and LCD, but recording the vocals have been postponed by a week, so it’ll be a while until we get them done.

Makeshift and S.H.Arkfister both received five stars on Maihinnousu.net! I dunno who gave them five stars, but it’s nice to know someone likes our music. 😀 I’ve also been toying with the thought of releasing some kind of a torrent package of our music, but I’m not entirely sure how it should be done.. Gotta look into it.

Theme Change!

Changed the theme for the website. I’m digging the minimalism. Time to put on some Philip Glass and enjoy…

Not much going on lately. Just playing Project Reality, and surviving from day to day. Almost finished reading The Road, though.

We recorded some guitars for the Smothered/LCD demo and we’ll record some more tomorrow! Maybe tomorrow. Probably tomorrow.

Missing Pages

Hadn’t noticed (thanks to Jari for pointing it out) that the page links that used to be on the top bar thingy had disappeared, and I have no idea how to get them back there, so I put them in the sidebar. I also updated the Mercalli XII section.

UPDATE: Jari got it fixed, yay.