Visited my cousin’s family with Sofia yesterday! It was good fun to see Sofia play with other children, since I haven’t really witnessed that first-hand before. She wasn’t exactly polite in the way she behaved; taking toys out of other kids’ hands, but maybe she’ll learn to play nice once she gets older.

Been busy with music stuff, too. I’ve mixed some stuff and also I bought a plug-in emulation of the Fairchild 670 compressor, but I haven’t really gotten around to testing it yet. We’re laying the finishing touches on Makeshift tomorrow with Pate and waiting for Ari’s approval before sending it out to the internets for people to enjoy.

The second episode of True Blood’s fourth season aired a few nights ago, but I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. I  read some more of The Road, which is really a nice book in a gruesome way.

Here’s another video that Pate edited together of our little jam session a few weeks ago:

Cthulhu on South Park

Cthulhu lives! He made an appearance on the newest South Park episode (S14E11 Coon 2: Hindsight, watch it here), when British Petroleum wakes him up from his sleep. The first part of a two-parter, the episode itself was okay. Nothing special, basic South Park for people who have watched it for ages. The episodes from the past few seasons have all been hit-or-meh, but I’m still gonna keep watching it for those rare diamonds.

Check out the video of Cthulhu raging! Also check out my original post on a few Cthulhu mythos books!

Save your consoul!

Found a cool video on YouTube by Lasse Gjertsen! He’s made all kind of funky vids that he uploads on YouTube and this one is quite amazing. It’s animated in 8-bit Nintendo style and has a story and all kinds of references to video games. Clocking in at 12min it’s quite long, but try to endure.  😛

If you like it, you might wanna subscribe to his channel at!