Gonna make an important phone call today. It will define my future for quite some time. More on it later depending on how it pans out…

Don’t worry, I have a plan B, too.

It annoys to no end me how the Finnish social net is penalizing me for working. Remember that gig I mixed at Sellosali? Yeah, now they won’t pay me my unemployment benefits, until I’ve given them the job receipt, which I won’t get until next month, so the money I was supposed to receive yesterday will most likely be on my bank account two weeks from now. And all this for 3½ hours of work.

What is the reasoning behind something like this? Probably to ward off people who claim they’ve worked for some low sum of money, but upon receiving the job receipt Kela realizes it was more than the initial amount.. But why not have them take back the money afterwards if an overpayment is noticed? I have no idea why this has been deemed as the best system of handling matters like these and the person working at Kela who received my call yesterday couldn’t really defend it either. It’s really annoying when you’re treated as if you’ve done something wrong the moment you step into the system. Guilty, until proven innocent by a few pieces of paper.