Jari told me about the accounting software he’s been using called Gnucash. I’ve done all my accounting in OpenOffice spreadsheets thus far and they’ve been easy to use, of course, cos I’ve designed them myself. I’ve been trying to get into Gnucash, but when every little thing I want to do requires me googling up instructions on how to do it, implementing it has been really discouraging. For example, I mistakenly pressed not to show warning dialogs for deleting transactions, defaulting it for not deleting anything, rendering the delete button useless. My first instinct was to go to the Preferences section of the application and try to find it, but to no luck. Everything seems completely counter-intuitive, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it, eventually…

Ear Infection, Pt. 15: The Payback

Another ear infection. Well, you had to have something good to follow after a stomach disease, so why not a classic? At least the doctor thought it was a classic case of ear infection. 😀

I’m up to level 55 in Diablo 3 now with my Demon Hunter character. The game has become noticeably harder in the Hell difficulty setting, but it’s still fun, so I’m chugging along. Actually, it’s much more fun to play with other people, I’ve been mostly playing with Tomppa.

Not much else going on.. Feeling a bit lackadaisical lately, but I guess it’s just a question of not having any proper goals at the moment. I’ll have to think of something…

No Food

I’m going on no food! Haven’t eaten pretty much anything during the last two days. I’ve got the runs. Luckily, I haven’t been puking like the last time I had these types of stomach problems.

Diablo 3 has occupied my mind for the most, but I’ve pretty much “figured it out”, as far as you can figure out a game and it’s maybe becoming a bit boring. There are also certain design flaws (or features), i.e. being forced to use the in-game auction house in order to have the type of gear you need to survive in the second difficulty level, that are giving me a bad taste. More rare drops, plz.

We watched The Expendables a few days ago. It was exactly what you might have expected. A strange lack of female upper body nudity for such a male machismo movie, though. The second part is opening in theatres in August, so I might have to go check it out.


I’ve really loved the second season of Game of Thrones. The plot twists haven’t been as “OMG!” as in the first season, but it might be because you’re already used to the idea of major things happening. The world is less set than in other similar series. I’ve loved the character development, though, and I still regard it as one of the best (if not the best) series ever created.

Work’s been hard, but consuming, lately. I’ve been thinking of trying to stabilize my sleeping pattern by always going to bed around 22:00 and waking up around 06:00, but thus far it’s been a failure, because I haven’t kept the times. I gotta try harder, obviously. 😀

Winding Up

Looks like things are winding up with the summer. Thankfully, I’ve got myself organized and if all goes well I’ll emerge victorious at the end of summer!

Opened up the jogging season yesterday with a nice 2km run. It was pretty strenuous on my heart, but once I shrug off the rust (from not having run in something like 5-6 months) I’m sure I’ll be doing proper distances again. Twice a week should be enough for now…



River Venom

Listening to the new Lapko album on Spotify and I’m quite impressed! Digging every song this far, but this one seems especially good.

Yesterday we went out to eat at Mamma Rosa’s. Got a pizza called Pollo Diablo or whatever and it was pretty good.. almost a sweet taste. I’ve started to tend towards pizzas with unusual tastes with my favourite (and Petra’s too maybe?) being a chicken-pineapple-smetana-feta cheese pizza.

We’ll have Petra’s aunt visiting us for the rest of the week. Luckily, tomorrow’s a national day off and Friday should be an easier day at work. Sofia will also be with us from tomorrow morning until Monday morning, which will be fun! And hopefully not too tiresome.



I started using iTunes, although I tried to avoid for ages. I’ve been importing CDs and files for a few days now and it’s going smoothly thus far.

We also changed the order of rooms, so now we’ve got a somewhat classical arrangement for the rooms: parents’ bedroom, kids’ room and a living room, instead of the earlier my workspace, livingroom/bedroom and kids’ room. I had to take apart my computer desk in order assemble it into a mirror view arrangement of itself. It must’ve taken 1½ hours. Funniest part is that the last ½ hour was simply trying to get the keyboard roll-out thingy back in place. I finally gave up and Petra managed to fix it while I calmed my nerves by catching a few glimpses of that Anvil documentary..

The Break

It’s been a lazy few days on my part. Haven’t accomplished much of anything, except for today. Finally got around to doing some tedious maintenance tasks of life. 😀 There’s nothing like a half a day of work followed by some good food and company… followed by ice cream. Also wrote a tab for a Led Zeppelin song for tomorrow and managed to create a cool chord progression for the solo part of an MXII song called Hook, Line, Sinker. The name will probably still change, though, when I get to writing the lyrics…

Haven’t had the willpower to improve the drum-programming of the first part of Defenestrated, which is a three-part project I’ve been working on. I recorded the bass already, but the drums need some editing ‘cos the splashes and ride cymbals are on the wrong notes… Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow? Aaanyway, you can check out the current state: