Puke-a-thon. If there’s one disease to be hated…

Been writing some riffs for a trio type ensemble.. Heavily inspired by Kyuss, Slo Burn, etc. Let’s see if this is a lasting direction.

Looking forward to seeing The Hobbit. Don’t have tickets yet and I might not go see it until January, unless we get a nice evening without the kids after it’s opened on the 12th.

Gathering Speed

Life’s been picking up lately. Finally had a good band rehearsal, found a new game to play and I’ve even had fun practicing some Opeth lately. Had a fun Father’s Day and a good weekend, too.

Sofia and Elli seem to fight a lot these days. They can be mesmerized by the TV too, though, which is great if you need some me-time (i.e. cooking, cleaning…..)