Brand new day

Woosh, mornings go by so fast these days. Guess it’s because of the routine I have regarding Sofia, eating, showering, etc. Few things I wanna try getting done today: my errands list, mixing some Makeshift (which is coming along fine, btw.. just very slowly when you only got about four hours of me-time per day), sort out this business with Welho and have a guitar lesson.

I decided to change ISP to Welho, because they were offering 40mb Internet for the same price I’m currently playing for my Sonera 10mb one. Apparently Welho’s connection sucks though, cos the packet losses are upwards of 70%, while Sonera has a packet loss rate of 0%. Unless Welho gets packet loss down to 0% I’m gonna have to change back to Sonera for good. I’d rather have a working 10mb connection than a broken 40mb connection.

Back to being busy!



So I really got going with Makeshift yesterday and I’ve been positively surprised with what it sounds like after I tightened up the drums and bass, and added some of the effects from the old versions. There’s still some “crappy” stuff that needs to be taken care of, then I’ll start mixing it properly. Excitement!! Urkh, I hate how expensive software is by the way. 2 x 350e for proper vocal tuning software. Half of that would’ve been enough. Guess I’ll just have to save up.

Crazy stuff going on in Japan. That’s what you gotta consider bad luck with nuclear stuff: first two bombs and now a power plant. My heart goes out to everyone over there (although I doubt any of the people affected read my blog).

Went to pick up Sofia from bed in the morning a few days ago only to be greeted with this

She had pretty much thrashed the bed during the night; thrown around her sleep toys, pulled down the sun light cover we put up, displaced her pillow, etc. But she’s smiling, aww.

Gotta eat and then hit the shower, so I’ll get the rest of the day flowing.

Stay-at-home dad

So now I’m officially a stay-at-home dad. Although I like the term house-spouse better, cos of the rhyme. 😀 This seems pretty easy, when you’ve adjusted to it. I’ve managed to get Sofia to fall asleep at 20:00-21:00, so I have some me-me-me-me time at the end of the day, apart from the 2-3h she sleeps during the day. Finally had a chance to organize the living room and it feels empty again, because of a lack of furniture.

I met with Pate yesterday. We went to eat at moms, and they had some nice hamburgers there. Nomnom. We also discussed some band stuff and came to the conclusion that Smothered will the next song to be recorded and after that LCD… Which was pretty obvious.

United States politics is a damn interesting thing. It’s amazing how people can be fooled into submission or simply stop caring what happens in their government. Trickle-down-effect my ass. Give money to the middle class and it’s much more likely to be spent, than if you give it to the guys with billions.







So I finally brought home my FCB1010 to mess around with Axe-FX a bit more. Thought I’d record something different. Here’s a sneak preview.

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Monday Morning

Ach, another Monday. The ear infenction is still bothering me, I forgot my lunch at home, and I have shitloads of things I should do this week. I sent in the application to Espoon Kruunu, so now we play the waiting game, since I doubt we can afford a rent apartment from a private company. Been listening to a lot of No Doubt, Frank Zappa and The Mars Volta lately! Tragic Kingdom is such an awesome album.

Speaking of music: Mercalli XII’s first demo song is almost done! Yesterday I mixed it for some 6-7 hours and today I’m gonna go finish it up. I’m still unsure regarding the effects in the middle part, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out, if I sit in front of the mixing desk long enough. 😀 So, hopefully I’ll be able to put it up this week! I’ve also been writing some new material, which has been surprisingly effortless. I guess I’m getting back into the zone when it comes to composing.

By the way, 300 monthly visits on my website! 95% is probably search engines and spambots, but hey! It’s still an achievement, I guess. 😀

UPDATE: The Return of the Ear Infection..  That means probably no music for you!

Mercalli XII demo update

Today! Is the day! We celebrate! Our independence… No wait. Today we recorded ALL of my guitar parts for the S.H.Arkfister/Makeshift demo, which is unofficially titled “Master Bait”. Ha. Not really. But anyway, my solo in Fister pwned! It’s about the same level of awesome as the solo in the earlier demo. 😀 Here’s a link to Pate’s site with some media from our last visit to the studio, including a hilarious video:

UPDATE FOR THE UPDATE!: Pate made this awesome video! CHECK IT OUT! I apologize for the cursing. 😀

Mercalli XII in studio!

Yesterday we headed for the studio with the intent to record drums and bass for two tracks: S.H.Arkfister and Makeshift (HIV), and we left the darkness of the control room with just that. 😀 There were some pics and video taken (a few pics taken with Pate’s new iPhone 4, which seems awesome. I’ll probably have to get one myself), and I’ll probably post some later, once I get my hands on them. Our new..  uh.. not really that new, when I think of it.. bass player Juho pretty much pwned the basslines, which was awesome. Stay tuned for media!

What’s going down, hamburg!

Boy, not a lot of updates lately! I’ll blame the baby. I’ve been really busy with band stuff too. Currently Mercalli XII has two songs that are pretty much finished, and another three songs that are shaping up well. Funny thing, you can write music on the bus, if you can concentrate with all the roadbumps and near-death-experiences, etc. 😀

Oh yea, a couple of my friends opened blogs of their own,  inspired by a course in creating webpages (and undoubtedly my blog of!… right?… Oh c’mon.) so I’ll just plug them, Ari’s is at and Pate’s is at

U.P. Date on S.H.

A few whiles ago I wrote a clean interlude and sumkinduva outro solo for S.H. Arkfister, but apparently forgot to upload it here for everyone to enjoy. So enjoy! … Or else. In other related news, the lyrics for S.H. Arkfister are pretty much finished and Ari’s melodies are barely legal in their awesomeness, so expect some interesting updates in the not-so-far future.

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Download S.H.Arkfistervälosajaloppusoolo.mp3 … or else.