Draped in Disease

A week draped in disease fortunately ends in good health! At least for me, although I’m still not feeling perfect, but I’m getting there.

It’s been almost to the day one year since I received my last paycheck before I received one again yesterday! Earned money always feels so much better than money you receive for unemployment. I’m enjoying this job and having mixed feelings of it ending at the end of June.

I watched The Spanish Prisoner with Petra the other night. It was just as great as I remembered it to be from watching it the last time several years ago.

Not much else special going on.. Probably gonna start recording the first part of a three-part piece the coming week, but it depends on how much effective time I have…


So I got a job! Just a temporary job, but better than nothing. I’ll be taking care of children at a local daycare center ’till July. Who knows, maybe there’s a career in that..

I also retrieved my repaired MacBook Pro from Machuolto, who did I fine job fixing it up! I’ll probably record some jams at the rehearsal room when I get a chance. Stay tuned!

Bon Iver

Finally took a good listen to Bon Iver’s debut album and I’m very impressed! These are some of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard. An atmosphere of pure calmness, which is something I can appreciate being in the company of children most of the time.

Another great song I stumbled upon listening to the Rock Solid podcast is Big Dipper’s “Faith Healer”.

Band stuff is going great. We bought a new PA system for the rehearsal room and it feels like we’ve got some momentum going on… for the 530198th time, but still! 😀 Now all we gotta do is harness that momentum and create awesome music!



Well, things didn’t go as I hoped, but there’s still a light at the end of the tunnel regarding my employment situation. I’m just going to have to rethink some of my stuff..

At least I’ve gotten my musical mind running again with all kinds of crazy ideas popping up. I’m almost finished with a new Mercalli XII song and I’ve got a few other solo things I’m working on featuring some poppier and some heavier stuff.


Had my first job interview in ages yesterday at Linnanmäki. A bit of a half-hearted attempt on my part, because I’m expecting something better to come along, but maybe I managed to persuade the interviewer.

I’ve played less Skyrim lately; maybe an hour a day by average. It’s slowly losing its appeal, as I’ll soon begin to max out some of the skill trees, and I’m not sure if the endless amount of quests will keep me interested.

Apparently I’ve lost all my session backups from my days at Omnia. Which sucks. Think I might’ve deleted them with the intention of recopying them later on, but seems like I forgot and now it’s too late. Guess I gotta start recording more stuff by myself so I’ve got stuff to mix. 😀

Ow, My Face

Went to the dentist to fix my cavities. My face is numb and in pain simultaneously. I can’t feel the right side of my nose, but the left side is fine. 😀

Been listening to some Finnish hiphop, specifically a group called Ruger Hauer. My view of Finnish hiphop was very flawed, since I only heard stuff that was very popular.. and consequently watered down and not very impressive, but this.. This is obviously what it’s all about.

I also mixed a gig at Sellosali this morning, which had me nervous all night. Being nervous about stuff like that doesn’t make sense to me, but still I’m nervous for some reason. Everything went fine, the band was happy, the kids were loud (thus, happy) and it sounded good. Live mixing is still some sort of a mystery to me. I do the best I can and follow my intuition and it seems to lead to good results, so I guess I shouldn’t overanalyze.

I’m starving, but it’ll still take a few hours for the anesthesia to wear off…


Ah, good ol’ Borderlands. Took it up again after a long break. It’s a damn fine game to just blast through as a stress-reliever. I hadn’t gotten that far in it, apparently, so I’ve still got lots of hours left with it, buuuut.. I think it’s likely I’ll become bored with it before I finish it.

Rearranged the apartment. I’ve got a better space for mixing and other music stuff now. Earlier I was plagued by the reverb of a large room, but now everything sounds much tighter and the bass is less hollow. I’m pretty much comfortable with it by now, but I need to listen to more music.

Speaking of music I’ve been playing some guitar lately. My technique really needs some polishing, but I’ve got some time to spend on it now, I just gotta make the best of it. It’s weird how some other parts of my playing seem to improve even if I don’t actively practice them. I feel like I can play groovier stuff easily for each passing day.

Been watching some Game of Thrones, too. Having seen it once there aren’t many surprises, but I’ve caught a lot of details I didn’t notice the first time around. New season begins in April! Can’t wait for what they’ve cooked up…


Went to the dentist today. Apparently I’m not taking good enough care of my teeth. I usually eat candy when going out for walks with Sofia and its been taking its toll on my teeth. Gotta start chewing bubblegum and drinking water, I guess.

What else is new?

Living alone isn’t the most fun, to be honest. Thankfully, Sofia will be here with me on the weekend, if I manage to acquire a bed for her in time. Otherwise we’ll be sleeping at grandma’s..

Watched tons of Family Guy and American Dad last night. I also resumed playing Sims Social, which is a good time-sink. I’ve also been playing guitar a bit more lately, as I’ve tried to expand my repertoire of songs I can perform while playing and singing, which still takes practice. For some reason I love to play Colors of the Wind from the Pocahontas movie. 😀 I was also thinking of practicing some original version of Billie Jean, but it’ll take some figuring out.


Finished recording the rest of Watch Your Back’s material today. It was loads of fun! I cleaned up the sessions just now and I’m gonna start mixing ’em next week. With all the stuff going on I hope I’ll have it ready by mid-January.


Fun Day

Had a nice day today. We went bowling and playing billiards with Mia, Sofia and a friend of mine. I won the bowling, wee! For some weird reason the bowling skills I’ve slowly accumulated during the last ~18 years haven’t vanished, even though I’ve had breaks of several years in between. I also got a few lucky wins in billiards, but it was fun, anyway. 😀

I’m a bit disappointed at how slow Mercalli XII is happening. I feel like I should be doing more to get stuff done… On the other hand I’ve been working on some of my own music, after rummaging through my old music ideas folders. Thousands of files of random ideas and songs ranging from weird black metal stuff to strange attempts at serialism. Sometimes in the same idea. I kinda wanna write a song and record it all by myself, just to get the feeling of progress. The good part about playing in a band is not having to memorize and learn to play all the parts, which can be a drag when doing solo stuff.

It’s strange listening to old music you wrote, but haven’t heard in ages. You find both diamonds and wasted coal. I’ve also got a more sophisticated sense of music these days. I’ve mixed genres in some weird ways back then…