Not much going on lately, unfortunately. I’ve been sick with the flu.

Bought Mark of the Ninja on Steam. It’s a pretty cool game, which you can play in different ways, like the Hitman series. I’ve been playing it the stealthy way, trying not to raise any alarms and avoiding any kills, but I realized you get some sort of bonuses for kills too, so I might just change my playing style.

I’ve been practicing some Lamb of God songs! Reclamation, Blacken the Cursed Sun, Dead Seeds, Contractor… It’s been fun, especially when playing with an amp and somewhat cranking the volume, but I can’t really play once the kids are asleep, so I’ve been thinking about starting to drag Axe-FX back and forth between home and the rehearsal room…


Made a few small changes in the About me section, complete with a picture change!

My current ways of finding new music are subscribing to feeds on Amazon and Spotify’s radio. It has resulted in several good finds, for example this morning I found this:

From Spotify’s alternative radio I found this:

Three Weddings and a Game

We’ve got the first wedding gig on Saturday. I’ve done most of my part and the songs are sounding pretty good, in my opinion! Might be fun to record something and put it up, if we get the chance. I’ll probably play some songs on the electric and a few songs on acoustic, but I’m not sure which ones, yet..

Diablo 3 has become a fun time-sink again. The scheduled maintenance stuff is getting annoying, but I’ll just have to think of other stuff to do when the servers are down.

Gnucash Cont.

So I kinda got a handle on Gnucash, but it still seems overly complex for the simple function I need it for. I might just try to make my original OpenOffice spreadsheet better, which might be another project for this summer.

I’m pretty tired, though. Maybe even chronically tired. Diablo 3 became a bit more fun again, when I realized how I should approach the game. New goals are always exciting!

Next week we’ll play a wedding gig with the band and I’m not too confident that we’ve had enough rehearsals. We still have a few days left to rehearse next week, so we better step up and take it to the next level.

I wish vacationing these days felt more like the vacations of yesteryears..

More Minecraft

Started playing Minecraft again.. This time with Petra! 😀 It’s pretty fun and a local server was surprisingly easy to set up. I had some problems with the java on Mac, but I got it fixed by finding tips on the Minecraft forum.. The internets to the rescue.

I finally got the guitars recorded for The Break. Here’s what it sounds like in its current state:

[audio:|titles=The Break]

I still need to add some effects and mix it before it’s officially finished..

The Problem

Time flies by when you’re having fun. Haven’t had a lot of time for myself lately, what with all the raising children and stuff. I’ve not managed to record any guitars for Defenestrated – The Break yet, but I did, however, manage to program the drums to sound better..ish. I’ll still have to tweak them once I get the time.. Oh and record the guitars, damnit.

I did almost finish a song for the band. Still needs a solo, though. And the interlude needs to be worked on..

Story of my life. Many things to do, not enough time.

The Break

It’s been a lazy few days on my part. Haven’t accomplished much of anything, except for today. Finally got around to doing some tedious maintenance tasks of life. 😀 There’s nothing like a half a day of work followed by some good food and company… followed by ice cream. Also wrote a tab for a Led Zeppelin song for tomorrow and managed to create a cool chord progression for the solo part of an MXII song called Hook, Line, Sinker. The name will probably still change, though, when I get to writing the lyrics…

Haven’t had the willpower to improve the drum-programming of the first part of Defenestrated, which is a three-part project I’ve been working on. I recorded the bass already, but the drums need some editing ‘cos the splashes and ride cymbals are on the wrong notes… Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow? Aaanyway, you can check out the current state:



Work is apparently kinda tough! Three days this week I’ve had guitar lessons after eight hours of work and it shows looking at my task list.. some twenty undone tasks this week. I’ve also been kinda lazy otherwise, so not much progress..

I’ve been practicing some of the solo stuff I’ve written, but I’ve written some hard bass parts. Curse you, triplet 8ths! I should be able to play it next week, so stay tuned.

Life is pretty good and even at the moment…