U.P. Date on S.H.

A few whiles ago I wrote a clean interlude and sumkinduva outro solo for S.H. Arkfister, but apparently forgot to upload it here for everyone to enjoy. So enjoy! … Or else. In other related news, the lyrics for S.H. Arkfister are pretty much finished and Ari’s melodies are barely legal in their awesomeness, so expect some interesting updates in the not-so-far future.


Download S.H.Arkfistervälosajaloppusoolo.mp3 … or else.

Stillborn – Now with vocals!

Had some fun times at Ari’s place recording vocals for Stillborn yesterday! After some intensive 3 hours of recording we decided to call it a night and continue later. Next time we’ll record in the sauna and get an even hotter and warmer sound. Just remember to heat it up before I arrive. 🙂


Download Stillborn3.6-224.mp3

Stillborn, still not finished

So once upon a time me, Ari and Neven started practicing the acoustic version of Zakk Wylde’s Stillborn. A lot of time has passed since then, but a few months ago we decided with Ari to record our version and maybe make it something more than a bare bones acoustic version. Soon we had recruited Pate to be our drummer (yea, no one saw that one coming…) and Miiro to play some guitar parts!

Today we recorded guitars at my place, after recording the drums maybe a week ago (?) at our practice flat… The second solo is still unfinished (my solo, didn’t have the patience today to improwrite something) and we still haven’t recorded vocals, but we’ll get on it in the near future. I PROMISE! I’m really happy with the guitar sounds, but the low end might turn out to be troublesome in the mix..


Download Stillborn2.2-192


Bounced a new version and thought I might aswell put it here..

Download [download id=”1″]


P.S.: Vocals will be recorded next week, so stay tuned!

UPDATE 15.08.2010!

Yet another version. The drums have now been resampled! I’m quite happy with ze sounds. Tomorrow I’ll rerecord my solo (if I have the time) and go to Ari’s place and record vowels and consonants in rapid succession.

Download Stillborn3.2


Gimme some bass!

Hokay. Did the act of ultimate sin for live purists: overdubbing on a live performance! Recorded bass over the two songs I posted earlier, giving them some true cojones.

Download MXII – Makeshift (Treenis Live with Bass)
[audio:http://www.juhapaakko.fi/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/MXII-Makeshift-Treenis-Live-with-Bass.mp3|titles=MXII – Makeshift (Treenis Live with Bass)]

Download MXII – S.H. Arkfister (Treenis Live with Bass)
[audio:http://www.juhapaakko.fi/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/MXII-S.H.-Arkfister-Treenis-Live-with-Bass.mp3|titles=MXII – S.H. Arkfister (Treenis Live with Bass)]


Yes! Another version of Makeshift, recorded at the practice flat with Miiro and Pate. Yes, the ending is a bit sketchy. That’s my guitar to the left, Miiro’s to the right and Pate on the drums. Feel free to add comments, by the way. All I’ve been getting is spam comments lately. 😀

[audio:http://www.juhapaakko.fi/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/MXII-Makeshift-Treenis-Live.mp3|titles=MXII – Makeshift (Treenis Live)]

Download MXII – Makeshift (Treenis Live)!

P.S. Happy birthday to Jari, my brother, the unofficial webmaster helping me out with all the technical stuff.

Couldn’t Catch It

New song in the works! Something we’ve been jamming with Pate a few times. Seems to fall in the same category as our other recent songs, some kind of prog rock or something. Still needs a loooot of work, but that’s what summer vacations are for.

This is why you Can’t Catch It

[audio:http://www.juhapaakko.fi/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Cant-Catch-It1.1.mp3|titles=Can’t Catch It1.1]

Phun Qi Zahm

Me and Pate recorded some of our songs and improvisations, when we practiced a few days ago. I’ll be posting the results of that session in the near future.

First up is some kind of a funk thingy that evolves into something else..  Sounds like me trying to hit the hihat hits with a poor success rate. It was fun.

The main guitar vamp is very insisting, almost threatening.

[audio:http://www.juhapaakko.fi/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/MXII_-_Phun_Qi_Zahm_Assertion.mp3|titles=MXII – Phun Qi Zahm (Assertion)]

Download MXII – Phun Qi Zahm (Assertion) so you can enjoy it on your iPods, yarr.

Oh.. and at the moment it seems like our band is gonna be called Mercalli XII. Here’s a draft of the logo: