Fun Day

Had a nice day today. We went bowling and playing billiards with Mia, Sofia and a friend of mine. I won the bowling, wee! For some weird reason the bowling skills I’ve slowly accumulated during the last ~18 years haven’t vanished, even though I’ve had breaks of several years in between. I also got a few lucky wins in billiards, but it was fun, anyway. 😀

I’m a bit disappointed at how slow Mercalli XII is happening. I feel like I should be doing more to get stuff done… On the other hand I’ve been working on some of my own music, after rummaging through my old music ideas folders. Thousands of files of random ideas and songs ranging from weird black metal stuff to strange attempts at serialism. Sometimes in the same idea. I kinda wanna write a song and record it all by myself, just to get the feeling of progress. The good part about playing in a band is not having to memorize and learn to play all the parts, which can be a drag when doing solo stuff.

It’s strange listening to old music you wrote, but haven’t heard in ages. You find both diamonds and wasted coal. I’ve also got a more sophisticated sense of music these days. I’ve mixed genres in some weird ways back then…


Life has been slow lately. Still waiting for things that are beyond me to either end or begin. Meanwhile I’ve been listening to some new podcasts. I’ve dug Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist and of course Greg Proops’ The Smartest Man in the World, both comedy-related, but with a broad spectrum of topics. TSMITW has some political and sport tones, while Nerdist has some.. you might’ve guessed it, nerd and on top of that show biz tones. I especially enjoyed the newest episode of Nerdist with Penn Jillette and the stories he has.

Sometimes it feels to me like a person is measured by the stories they have. I’m not much of a story-teller. It feels like I stumble through important details and then stutter the punchline. 😀 I do like writing though, because you have time to think through your story.

Grey Cells

“No, the little grey cells, I fear, they grow the rust.”

I’ve been watching Hercule Poirot from YLE’s web service. Gonna watch the latest made-for-TV movie tonight. One and a half hour of mystery and drama!

Otherwise life’s been ticking along in the same old way. Both the negatives and positives. Got some interesting projects coming up, though, and by the looks of it, Mercalli XII has been reinvigorated with the recent rehearsal space upgrade. Sometimes things are just a matter of time.

I’ve also been playing some Minecraft, but I haven’t done anything supercool in it. I wish version 1.9 were released already, so I could stop thinking “whatever I create will vanish once the update arrives…” and start creating things with a longer lifespan.

Ze'grey cells. He haz 'em.

Sunday Morning Pt. 2

Ah, what a nice feeling. This is an easy day. I’ll most likely get all my overdue tasks done on top of doing all the tasks that are due today!

I missed a deadline for an employment office course, damnit. Might mean I don’t get any benefits for about a month, but I’ll survive, either way. Meanwhile, my job hunt is winding up, although I’m a bit confused regarding what I’m going to do. I’m conflicted by the challenges of this line of work and family life/hobbies/everything else, especially after being reminded of it all by Ari.

Seems like the wrong things are always black and white and the things you wish were clear are usually gray in nature.

I’ve been playing Minecraft 1.8 and it’s pretty fun again! I’ve got some problems with my account, so I can’t log in with the launcher for some reason. I’ll have to try to fix the problem so I can play online again. At the moment I’m only able to play SSP or via the browser, which is confusing since I’m used to full screen.

Had a listen to the new Opeth album while playing Minecraft yesterday and I have to say it’s quite cool! Way jazzier than I expected, but it’s still got Opeth written all over it. Gotta try to get into it properly by giving it a few more listens.

No Gifts for you!

Managed to record the last bit for the Gift demo. 😀 Have a taste.

[audio:|titles=Gift Demo 1.3]

What else is new? Well not much. Been playing Shogun 2, which is pretty awesome. Damn trade partners attacking me when my forces are annexing the mainland, though. Pretty dirty trick. 😡

Sofia is doing fine. Almost crawling already. Spending days with her has become more enjoyable, now that we’ve gotten her eating and sleeping patterns right. Less crying, more fun! More time for dad in the evenings. 😉 I also bought her some new toys, which she seems to enjoy.

Don't try this at home!


But I ain’t got wings

So I returned the Welho modem and nullified the contract! No more trying to get that useless piece of crap to work.

We finally managed to drag our asses to the practice flat and practice some MXII songs. Juho couldn’t make it, but we made the most of it and practiced some of our old hits… Some of which I managed to forget. We also tried removing the interlude in S.H.Arkfister, but it felt… wrong. We just never kinda play it further than the interlude, but we should, cos I get to play a solo. Damn you, I’ll insist on my solos from now on.

Been watching episodes of House to pass the time. One eye on Sofia and one eye on the monitor. 😀 I really like it, although for some reason if I don’t watch it for a longer period of time, I just don’t feel like watching it. I also managed to make my final assignment for school: an analysis of the sound in two scenes from the movie Chicken Run. Weirdly enough, I felt like I was procrastinating, even though I managed to finish it over a week before it was due.

I might be posting some album reviews soon, if I feel like writing down my thoughts. Also, I’m slowly turning into a beardo (which Mia is not enjoying)… Fun-fun-fun-fun.

Song of the moment:



Surprise! 3,378 new comments. 100% spam. Wow.

Anyways, a lot’s been happening. We moved to Soukka! It’s been tough, since we don’t have any furniture and we’re acquiring it rather slowly. Still no kitchen table, no chairs to sit on, only a 15″ TV that only works once in a while. At least we have a bed to sleep on and a fridge to keep our food in. Oh, and Mia just “installed” a mirror. 😀 And thanks to Jari we also haz a washing machine. So apparently I have enough clothes to go two weeks without washing any, who would’ve known!

Mercalli XII is doing great! We’re practicing about twice a week now, although our bass player Juho is at the frontlines fighting the enemy! Russkis or someones. But we’re managing without him, even though some songs sound very empty without a bass. Our current song list is:

  • S.H.Arkfister
  • Makeshift (The HIV)
  • Can’t Catch It
  • Smothered (That’ll Be the Day)
  • Cigarette Gaze
  • Gift
  • LCD
  • Triage

Thaaaaat’s 8. Still need 6 more for an album, but yea, I’m working on it!

Which brings us to our next subject: I work. A lot. Too much? Headache. End of discussion.

Now I will devour pizzah, get Sofia to sleep, try to figure out Toodledo for a while and go to bed.

P.S. Got an iPhone 4 . It pwns my old Sony-Ericsson.