LCD Guitars

Right! Recorded the guitars for LCD a few days ago and if I get the opportunity I’ll record the guitars for Smothered today! The intro might’ve been too long for LCD and I might have to re-record it. The difficulty was in recording something that’s in free time, which should then catch up with the tempo in Pro Tools at the right moment… Another alternative is to make a tempo map with an increasing tempo, but I’m not sure if that’ll get the right feel to it. Ah, the problems of the privileged white man..

Donated some money to SPR, although I’m a bit skeptical regarding how it’ll used. Best way to contribute to charity would be to donate time, but time is all I don’t have, when I’m taking care of a 10-month-old child and a 246-month-old child.

Already got a bunch of smaller tasks out of the way today. Organizing my shit I need to do was the most efficient thing I’ve ever done in my life. Less think’y, more do’y!

I also opened up a page for Mercalli XII at, a Finnish music distributing service. Take a look if it’s your portal of choice!

Time to get Sofia out of bed.