MacBook UnPro

So my MacBook Pro stopped working last week. I took it to MacHuolto and they said it’d be 540e to fix it, cos the motherboard was broken. I was ready to let it travel to that great server farm up north, but Petra told me that our home insurance will probably cover it and we sent in the insurance application. Now we play the waiting game…

I also updated the About Me section, which you should check out, especially if you’ve got a job to offer me. 😉

Music Gear page

Made a section about my music gear! Check it out if you’ve always wanted to know how I got that sound in that one song that I did that one time..

In other gear related news check this out! I’ve bought several plugins from at cheap prices and they’ve done it again. Toontrack Drumtracker for just 15 euros (Thomann sells it for 84 euros). It’s a download only special, so you won’t get any boxes or anything, but from an environmentalist perspective that’s a good thing. It’s a limited time offer, so if you’re the least bit interested in sampling drums, check it out!