Free at last, free at last!

No more work! Well just Monday next week, but other than that, nothing! Except the guitar lessons. That’s almost freedom, right? 😀 Just gonna lazy around to start with and get stuff done at home. I’ve got several projects half-way through or thought out that need to be finished or simply executed. Talking about finished projects, here’s something I edited:

Features some explicit language! It’s a gaming event we had with our M&B: Warband clan. Basically a horse race with throwing weapons. 😉 Gonna post another video later once I’ve rendered it! Now I need to get back to getting stuff done…

Mix it up!

Sooooo. Today will be a nice day if everything goes according to plans. Yesterday evening/night we hauled some stuff to the practice flat in preparation for today and we’ll be recording live versions of a few Mercalli XII songs at our practice flat! It’ll be Just Awesome.

What else is new… I’ve started listening to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. He’s got some cool guests and his interview style is to my liking. I found it through Doug Benson’s Doug Loves Movies and Jimmy Pardo’s Never Not Funny, both hilarious podcasts I’ve been listening to for years. So check them out if you’re bored.

Downloaded the Magicka demo a few days ago via Steam and it was fun, so I decided to buy the entire game! You can play it in co-op mode with three other players, so I’m looking forward to that. Also tried to cool map for L4D2 which is set in the Helm’s Deep fortress from Lord of the Rings. Very entertaining!