Enter the Studio

It’s time to record some new material with Mercalli XII. We’ll be starting off with the drums this weekend at an unknown secret location on the dark side of the moon. Or just a friend’s training flat. Whichever ends up being cheaper. Like I speculated earlier the two songs we’re recording are Smothered and LCD, and it’s about time, really. Smothered is in a good shape and LCD is okay; we still have some issues that need to be sorted out in today’s training session. On Saturday I’ll record the demo guitars for LCD and if all goes well we’ll have the drums for both tracks done by Sunday evening.

I’ve been playing on the Warband RP server again, although I’m not sure if I wanna keep doing so. It can be time-consuming and not awfully rewarding in the short-run, which makes it a bit boring. I’ve also been playing Borderlands, which is really fun! Got a Hunter-class character with sniper rifles and what not. My total playing time is about 2-3 hours now and this might actually be a single player game I finish.. First one in a long time.


Mixshifting Makeshift

Finally finished a decent mix of Makeshift. Gonna ask the band what the dig and then we might put it on for other people to enjoy as well. Mixing is fun in some sense but annoying in another. Must be cos I’m doing it at home where the acoustic environment is shit and array of plug-ins available is laughable. Once we buy more furniture it’ll get better… I’ve also been practicing playing guitar which is something I haven’t quite frankly done in ages. I’ve been playing MXII songs mostly.

Started reading Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. This far it’s been awesome. His writing style is very different from anything I’ve encountered earlier and it took me a while to get used to it, but I think I might take up reading his other books, too. I should definitely be reading more. It’s something I like and it soothes me, but somehow I seem to avoid it, unless I find a book I really like. Duh. Also reading The Music Producer’s Handbook by Bobby Owsinski, but that’s coming along slower.

I lead a few public games in Project Reality and it’s quite fun! Still no Branch in IG, though. There was a sale on games on Steam, so I bought a few for pretty cheap. I got Garry’s Mod for 2,50 euros and there are these RP servers that are okay’ish, but nothing mind-blowing. I also bought Oblivion and tried to start it, but it was kinda meh. I’ll try again later. Skyrim will rox my sox once it’s out, though.

Gonna go play football soon and I’m hoping it’s not too hot outside. At least the sun isn’t shining for once..


A quick update before the electricity is turned off for two hours, although there’s not much of interest going on.

I opened a Twitter account, and you can see the feed on the right side of the page. So if you’re getting low on Juha between blog updates you can just follow me for some crazy daily updates.

Wrote a 2700 word Charter for a Project Reality Branch in IG. Don’t think I’ve ever written anything that long before and it was pretty fun. I like writing, but I rarely have anything smart to write about except my own life, which some would argue isn’t a smart thing to write about either. Dunno if the Branch will happen though.. I haven’t really played a lot of games since I stopped playing M&B cos of that damn archerspam.

In other news, dunno if I mentioned it already but I finished writing the sixth song for Mercalli XII. Half down, half to go. Now all we need to do is practice them, record them and start gigging and voilà: superstardom. Although maybe it won’t be that easy.

Ack, better start turning electrical appliances off before it all blows up.

Summer Sofia



Could Be Worse

Yesterday Sofia and I went to my cousin’s graduation party. Sofia finally got to meet most of my relatives and she seemed to have fun clapping and waving. 😀

Check out Ringo Starr – 2nd Best Drummer in the Beatles by Blakfish! Definitely my song for the moment as I’ve been listening to it a lot. I’m digging the ending.

Let’s see.. What else is new. Been playing some Minecraft lately. I installed a Survivalism mod, which makes single player a bit more interesting. I also got new textures using the Painterly Pack, which made everything preeeetty. Haven’t played a lot of Project Reality lately, but it still interests me so I’ll get back to it eventually.

Still some organizing to do before I head to band practice…

From the Tree of Life

Stumbled across Therion via Tomppa, so I decided to give it a try again after a long time and so far I’ve been digging it! Haven’t been into metal lately, so this is a weird turn of events. Been playing some football with Tomppa lately and it’s also been fun, after not having done any proper exercise in ages. I’m thinking I should start running regularly.. Should get myself some proper running shoes and stuff. Come to think of it, Therion might be nice music for this. 😀

In other news, I pretty much stopped gaming, at least on any competitive level. Just realized I did not have time for that, even though I enjoyed it quite a lot. The Swadian RP server thingy turned out to be a mess with pre-dictated storylines, mostly combat-oriented characters and non-imaginative player interaction. I also went inactive in the M&B clan I play in, but I’m still interested in Project Reality, which seems to be entertaining no matter what happens in the game. People keep telling me it’s a boring game with no action, but every time I play it we’re doing amazing stuff like being shot by invisible snipers and me having to patch up the entire team. 😀 Gotta love playing medic. I get to fulfill my childhood fantasy of being a healer type. 😛

Cleaned pretty much the entire apartment today, except for the bedroom. That’s one mess I don’t wanna intervene in, just gonna let Mia take care of it, whenever she feels like doing it. Hopefully soon. The dust bunnies are evolving into dust werebunnies that feast upon human flesh! Like-a so:

They're evolving!!!!111



An Endless Task List

Life seems to have become an endless list of tasks to do. Automated being going through the motions of everyday life. Not nice.

I’ve had fun playing Project Reality, a Battlefield 2 modification that strives for realism. It’s weird how I’ve played it upwards of ten times on the net and I haven’t managed to get a single frag. I’ve been mostly playing medic, though, so I guess that might explain it. Problem is I can’t recognize the enemies from friendlies, so I hesitate to engage until I’m being fired upon.

Started writing a new song again for MXII. I don’t really know what it’s gonna be like, yet. I’ve got an idea for the lyrics, though, and the intro/chorus/whatever riff is done.

Managed to clean almost the entire apartment today. We’re trying out a new system for sharing tasks that need to be done around the home and this week dishing is Mia’s responsibility, while I take care of general of general cleanliness and Sofia takes care of being cute, waving and clapping. It’s working out fine this far, I guess.

Not much else to report.. Life is kinda boring for the moment.

Mia ja Sofia

Sofia and Mia


Taping with Riku and Pate

We recorded the drums for Riku’s entrance exam assignment thingy. It was more fun than productive, but at least we got the job done. 😀 We came up with a simple little punk’ish song that was easy to play and fast to record, but still it took us a damn long while to get anything done. Today we’ll finish it up by recording some bass and guitars and maybe mix it, too.

What else is new? Well not new, but I was playing Project Reality again last night and damn was it fun. 😀 I still like the medic kit the most, but I guess I’ll learn the others simply by playing. I had some nice revives throwing smoke around and pulling people away from harms way.

Not much new on the band front, we’ll see what happens.


Lately I’ve been doing a lot of stuff! Tried out a mod for Battlefield 2 called Project Reality, which is pretty awesome. Rounds take up to three hours and people are forced to work in teams, yes! I also promised to go help a friend with his entrance examination assignment (or whatever you wanna call it) to get into an audio school, so Saturday is going to be fun (I’m legally obligated to say fun three more times) fun fun fun.

Finally bought some new clothes yesterday! Must have been the first time in about half a year, so it was about time.

Went out to play some football yesterday too, which was surprisingly arduous. I’m probably in the worst shape of my life and it feels like shit, to be honest. I should be exercising more and eating less and eating better foods. Few things feel as good as taking a shower after exercising.

Not much new on the band front, I guess. Put the CCI demo on Facebook in case you wanna listen to it there. 😀 I’ll probably be cooking up some own material soon. Got this weird syncopated idea.

No Gifts for you!

Managed to record the last bit for the Gift demo. 😀 Have a taste.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

What else is new? Well not much. Been playing Shogun 2, which is pretty awesome. Damn trade partners attacking me when my forces are annexing the mainland, though. Pretty dirty trick. 😡

Sofia is doing fine. Almost crawling already. Spending days with her has become more enjoyable, now that we’ve gotten her eating and sleeping patterns right. Less crying, more fun! More time for dad in the evenings. 😉 I also bought her some new toys, which she seems to enjoy.

Don't try this at home!



Yay, income should be stabilized now. Applied for parenting benefits from KELA. Somehow it feels like I’m late with everything I should be doing lately, although I’m sure it’s not true in most cases.

There’s a crazy storm outside.. Almost a blizzard. Sofia keeps waking up on the balcony, but she falls right back to sleep.

I’m anxiously awaiting the reopening of Swadia’s RP server. The initial launch was cool, but riddled with bugs, which made the whole thing a bit messy, although we did manage to create some nice moments at the Rhodok fort. The Finnish national Warband team had a Nation’s Cup training match against Ukraine yesterday and we lost pretty badly. We managed to win a few rounds, but we had bad tactics and should’ve had more rangers.

Gift is starting to shape up into a nice little piece of business. I feel like it’ll be the first demo I’ll be recording. I still need to figure out the ending, but it’ll have two interludes.. The second interlude might actually become the outro, but I’m not sure yet, so I’ll keep trying out different stuff. Maybe I’ll get to some recording business later today, but I doubt it, unless time magically stops for everyone else but me. Fingers crossed.

Song of the moment: