Grey Cells

“No, the little grey cells, I fear, they grow the rust.”

I’ve been watching Hercule Poirot from YLE’s web service. Gonna watch the latest made-for-TV movie tonight. One and a half hour of mystery and drama!

Otherwise life’s been ticking along in the same old way. Both the negatives and positives. Got some interesting projects coming up, though, and by the looks of it, Mercalli XII has been reinvigorated with the recent rehearsal space upgrade. Sometimes things are just a matter of time.

I’ve also been playing some Minecraft, but I haven’t done anything supercool in it. I wish version 1.9 were released already, so I could stop thinking “whatever I create will vanish once the update arrives…” and start creating things with a longer lifespan.

Ze'grey cells. He haz 'em.

Torches in the Darkness

+1 reason to use Facebook, to be honest. More on that later, if ever.

So I’ve been continuing playing Minecraft and created new contraptions and whatever. Today I tried unlocking the mystery of slimes but to no success.

Tomorrow we’ll start fixing up the new rehearsal space for Mercalli XII. It will be good! We’ll remove the carpets and whatever useless stuff remains and replace it with something better. We might be able to move in our instruments on Sunday, but not sure yet. Soon we’ll start rehearsing properly again, once Juho’s war ends.

“The torch has passed on…”


I stopped playing Project Reality, but I’ve resumed playing Minecraft, which is easier to handle in a busy lifestyle. Project Reality requires up to four hours of concentrated gaming while Minecraft can be played for 15 mins at a time.

We’ve been building a pyramid with Ari on a friend’s server.

It’s not the largest pyramid ever, but we’ve only got so much time to build it before the 1.9 patch will require a complete server reset. I’m hoping to find some slimes so I can build sticky pistons!

Sunday Morning Pt. 2

Ah, what a nice feeling. This is an easy day. I’ll most likely get all my overdue tasks done on top of doing all the tasks that are due today!

I missed a deadline for an employment office course, damnit. Might mean I don’t get any benefits for about a month, but I’ll survive, either way. Meanwhile, my job hunt is winding up, although I’m a bit confused regarding what I’m going to do. I’m conflicted by the challenges of this line of work and family life/hobbies/everything else, especially after being reminded of it all by Ari.

Seems like the wrong things are always black and white and the things you wish were clear are usually gray in nature.

I’ve been playing Minecraft 1.8 and it’s pretty fun again! I’ve got some problems with my account, so I can’t log in with the launcher for some reason. I’ll have to try to fix the problem so I can play online again. At the moment I’m only able to play SSP or via the browser, which is confusing since I’m used to full screen.

Had a listen to the new Opeth album while playing Minecraft yesterday and I have to say it’s quite cool! Way jazzier than I expected, but it’s still got Opeth written all over it. Gotta try to get into it properly by giving it a few more listens.


Started playing some Minecraft with Ari. Built myself a small castle and a little wheat farm. 😀 It’s a bit of a waste of time, but sometimes it’s exactly the kind of waste I need.

Sofia turned one yesterday. Her actual birthday party will be on the weekend, though, and there’s much to prepare. I’m hoping there’s good cake.

Otherwise it’s been kinda slow…

That Feeling

You know that feeling when you gotta get tons of stuff done as fast as possible? I love it. I’m calling KELA while at the same time cleaning the apartment, writing this post, writing email, washing and sterilizing baby bottles and practicing to identify frequencies. It’s not stress if I enjoy it, right? 😀

Started writing a new song for Mercalli XII yesterday based on an idea I’ve been toying with lately. Sometimes just picking up the guitar inspires me to write music, which is also an awesome feeling. We’re gonna practice today again, yay! That’s once per week now.

Played Project Reality for four hours yesterday! Pretty intense and fun. I also played in a match as a medic a few days ago, which was also intense, requiring 100% concentration for two full hours.

My CouchTo10k is up to its ninth week now. I did 7 mins of jogging, 2 mins of walking times seven today in the pouring rain. There’s a strange sensation I get from running in the rain. It makes me go faster.


Not much of interest going on. I’m thinking about giving up gaming until Skyrim is released in November, since games don’t really feel like fun at the moment.

Haven’t felt truly inspired in ages to create new music, although I wish I would have been. Problem about Mercalli XII is that I’m trying to create songs that are of similar quality and style, which isn’t really my strongest side. In some sense it’s an interesting challenge, but most songs that I start writing just become stuck or hard to continue…

Untie Me For Now

Photochopped a picture of Sofia yesterday that came out pretty nice!

Sofia waiting for her pizza.

Mercalli XII stuff is progressing slowly, but surely. I still need to fill the website with content before making it public, although the website is already accessible for anyone with a tiny sense of curiosity and Google.

Played some football today. Sometimes I feel so light I could run for hours on end, but other times I feel like I can barely move. Had some problems with my left leg when running longer distances, but I’m hoping it’s just some temporary ailment. Gonna run tomorrow again.. Let’s see how it behaves.

My Tiny Tower is already up to level 37! It’s starting to feel like a pointless game now, since there’s nothing new to discover, apart from the most expensive elevator and the new stores, but I’ve basically got the game figured out, so managing it has become nothing but a mechanical task.

Like life itself.


Back to Running

Just moved (ran and walked) 7km! A new record for me. I had a week’s pause in my running training, because my throat was acting up and it only cleared up yesterday, so I’m happy I still manage to keep up with the iPhone app I’m using called Couch to 10k.

Been playing some more Borderlands: I’m up to level 20 now! I think I might’ve finished about a third of the game, but I’m not really sure. I scrapped my plans regarding the PR Branch in IG. I’m seriously contemplating joining another clan for playing Project Reality, but I’m not sure if I’ve got the time with all the other things I’m up to.

Visited my brother Jari and his girlfriend Minna in Leppävaara yesterday. Minna made some awesome pizza! I think I should try using better ingredients when I make my own pizza.. Sofia had fun playing with both of them, although she seemed to shy away from my brother at first.

I compiled the drums for both Smothered and LCD in the last two days. Tomorrow we’ll probably finish editing them with Pate. It’ll take ages until we get to record the bass, though, cos Juho is still serving our proud nation fighting foreign wars. I’m probs gonna start recording my guitars this week or next week, depending on how much time and inspiration I’ve got on my hands.

The Secret of Sound... Broken instruments.