Iron Sky

Saw Iron Sky last night with Tomppa! Pretty awesome, but somewhat not a really focused plot. Definitely worth the admission fee, though, and I’ll probably watch it again later with Petra.

Easter holiday, so I’ve got four days off from work! Pretty cool. Means I’ve got time to do things. Might start recording some solo stuff if I feel like it..

Band stuff is progressing nicely! There might be some exciting news soon, but I won’t speak out of turn..

Legend of Grimrock will be out on Wednesday, it will be cool!

Sick Days

The entire family is sick. Petra’s at the hospital, Sofia suffered from ear infections, Elli’s nose is runny as usual and I’ve got some weird cold. My nose is runny, my throat is sore in a weird, weird way… Maybe I’ll get better!

I pre-ordered a new game called Legend of Grimrock! It reminds me a lot of Stonekeep, which I played when I was little. When googling the website I mistakenly wrote “legend of grindrock” which instantly made me want to write a grindcore tribute song for the game. 😀 The music in the game is done by Stakula, who some of you may remember from his MoonTV days!

iPhone Games

I tried out Shadow Cities, a game for iPhones (and maybe iPads). It was really interesting to begin with, but it quickly devolved from an awesome, mystical game into a simple do-things-in-the-right-order game. In the end, not enough content to keep me interested in the long run. The concept was fabulous, though, but didn’t really suit my current situation. You had to move in the real world in order to place Dominators which allowed you to capture parts of a city. In the slippery winter-time, it’s not that much fun to go outside for long walks, but I might give it another shot in the summer.

I also played some Angry Birds on Facebook, which is pretty fun. I’m liking the high score system, which makes it really competitive.

Music’s Cool

Been working on more and more music stuff. I pretty much gave up on gaming, but I might get addicted to the Facebook version of Angry Birds, unless I find something else that’s even slightly interesting. In the mean time however music will be my focus…

Had a kind of a job interview today. More on that later as the story develops and minds are made up.

New Game!

So I got a new game called Victoria 2 and I’ve already wasted countless hours on it. Unlike Skyrim I can play this for hours on end which has led to a few half-marathon sessions. It’s the follow-up to the first Victoria and comes from a long line of similar Paradox games.

Last night I started a game with Transvaal and managed to become a Secondary Power by collecting prestige, which gave me the right to colonize new provinces. I tried playing as Brazil earlier, but I got mowed down by countless anarcho-liberal uprisings, a feature which almost ruined the game for me. I installed the latest patch yesterday which might have corrected the problem of the rebel uprisings, but I haven’t had a chance to try out with other nations than Transvaal.


Had my first job interview in ages yesterday at Linnanmäki. A bit of a half-hearted attempt on my part, because I’m expecting something better to come along, but maybe I managed to persuade the interviewer.

I’ve played less Skyrim lately; maybe an hour a day by average. It’s slowly losing its appeal, as I’ll soon begin to max out some of the skill trees, and I’m not sure if the endless amount of quests will keep me interested.

Apparently I’ve lost all my session backups from my days at Omnia. Which sucks. Think I might’ve deleted them with the intention of recopying them later on, but seems like I forgot and now it’s too late. Guess I gotta start recording more stuff by myself so I’ve got stuff to mix. 😀

Cigarette Gaze

I started recording a demo version of Cigarette Gaze. First off, I had the drums imported into Pro Tools from Guitar Pro 5, which is the medium I use to write down ideas and compose music generally. After that I began practicing the bass stuff and once I had it down so-so I started recording it. When recording homedemos like these, I do a lot of copy-pasting to save time, so I took me probably 20-30 mins to adjust the sound and record all the necessary parts at a sufficient quality. Here’s what I have this far:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

In other news, I applied for a job at Linnanmäki, the amusement park in Helsinki. Got a job interview in a few weeks, we’ll see how that pans out. Although I think I might have other options I could pursue before starting there, but it’s good to have something to fall back on.

I’ve also been playing some more Skyrim, which seems to be endless…


Been trying out Skyrim today. It’s impressive, but I’m a bit overwhelmed by it, in the same way I was overwhelmed by Oblivion ages ago. Being a completionist, a game like this really throws me off. I think I’ll stick to finishing Borderlands before being engrossed by Skyrim…


Ah, good ol’ Borderlands. Took it up again after a long break. It’s a damn fine game to just blast through as a stress-reliever. I hadn’t gotten that far in it, apparently, so I’ve still got lots of hours left with it, buuuut.. I think it’s likely I’ll become bored with it before I finish it.

Rearranged the apartment. I’ve got a better space for mixing and other music stuff now. Earlier I was plagued by the reverb of a large room, but now everything sounds much tighter and the bass is less hollow. I’m pretty much comfortable with it by now, but I need to listen to more music.

Speaking of music I’ve been playing some guitar lately. My technique really needs some polishing, but I’ve got some time to spend on it now, I just gotta make the best of it. It’s weird how some other parts of my playing seem to improve even if I don’t actively practice them. I feel like I can play groovier stuff easily for each passing day.

Been watching some Game of Thrones, too. Having seen it once there aren’t many surprises, but I’ve caught a lot of details I didn’t notice the first time around. New season begins in April! Can’t wait for what they’ve cooked up…

Success!… Kinda

Last Friday I went to an interview to get into a course for artists. They accepted 20 people and my placement was 21st! Arrrgh. Well, I’m hoping someone drops out, so I can get in, but I’m not betting on it.

I’m semi-hooked on Sims Social on Facebook, since I’m not really playing anything else, at the moment. I’m still waiting for Minecraft to be patched up to 1.9, before I start over. Also kinda hoping I could play Skyrim, but I’m not sure if I want to.. yet. We’ll see.

Sofia woke up last night around four in the morning. I calmed her down, but every time I put her back into bed she started crying and since it was four in the morning my brain wasn’t being super smart to think of any other options. Thankfully, Mia woke up a bit later and got her to fall asleep. Changing to daylight savings time seemed to confuse our sleeping rhythms.

Sofia also likes to watch Shaun the Sheep, which is a pretty cool stop-motion animated series created by Nick Park, who’s also famous for creating Wallace and Gromit.

P.S. Cough is getting better!