Puke-a-thon. If there’s one disease to be hated…

Been writing some riffs for a trio type ensemble.. Heavily inspired by Kyuss, Slo Burn, etc. Let’s see if this is a lasting direction.

Looking forward to seeing The Hobbit. Don’t have tickets yet and I might not go see it until January, unless we get a nice evening without the kids after it’s opened on the 12th.

Gangnam Style

Rough one and a half weeks behind me, and the same is up ahead. Feels like there ain’t much spare time, although it’s not true.

Weekend was fun. Me and the kids danced to Gangnam Style, but when I put the music video on TV they seemed to be mesmerized by the dance moves. They sat and stared as I replayed the music video four times.. Weird.


Awesome Autumn

We live in a nice place. Not far from us, there’s a forest that’s on the way to Sofia’s former daycare center. We went there on the weekend and discovered… Blueberries! Which is funny, because hours earlier we bought blueberries from the store with which to bake a pie. Autumn can be awesome, too.