A Week in Pictures – 36/2010

Thought I’d start a a regular feature on my site, to encourage myself to take more pictures and to share sometimes fun and sometimes trivial images from my life. As you should know by now, my daughter was born a week ago and here are the first pictures of her.

A squirrel midflight!

Zofi taking a nap.

Zofi taking nap #6125.

Zofi’s bed… or jail. Depends on my mood. 😉

Me, Mia and Sofia trying to figure out how nature works.

Nina (Mia’s sister) amazed by Zofi’s beatiful hair.

In conclusion I’d like to thank the nurses, doctors and midwives at the Dept. of Obst. and Gynecology (Naistenklinikka) and everyone at Ward 61 (Osasto 61) for helping us out with this enormous task. A special thanks to Mia’s mom Kirsti and Tomppa, for helping us get home in one piece.