Music Gear

Over the years I’ve gathered a collection of music related equipment. I think it began back in 1994 when my parents bought me an synth…


  • Jackson DXMG; This was for a long time my “main” guitar, when I was playing mostly heavier stuff. Currently in E standard tuning, but about to be changed to D standard for some even heavier stuff.
  • Samick Strat; My first guitar bought in about 1998 for 120 marks. That’s 20 euros. (Thanks Ville! :P) I love the feel of this guitar! It needs some fixing: The pickup selector only works in bridge position and the electronics seem a bit unreliable. I’m also experiencing the weirdest feedback noise when used with my Axe-FX Ultra and Reactor FRFR, which I’ll need to figure out.
  • Ibanez GRX20; This guitar hasn’t been home in years. I was thinking I might remove the frets and make it a fretless guitar someday, but at the moment it’s collecting dust at my brother’s place.
  • Ibanez AWS1000ECE-NT; My main acoustic guitar. I bought it second hand last summer from Levytukku and I’ve been liking it ever since.
  • Ibanez Talman TCM50VBS; I bought this guitar from Espoon Musiikki thinking it was a lot better than it turned out to be. It felt better to play at the store than at home, which is weird. Very eletric guitar feel for an acoustic.
  • Squier Classic Vibe Precision Bass ’60s; My only bass, at the moment, but I might buy another one in the future. Feels very bulky, just like a bass is supposed to feel. Fun to play some slap bass with this.


  • Axe-FX Ultra; The most expensive single thing I’ve ever bought. Ever. Also the best piece of gear I have. It’s constantly being updated with firmware patches and keeps sounding better and better, the more I get to know it. This can be a very complicated piece of gear, if you want it to be. The only thing I’m missing is a proper foot controller. I’ve been using Behringer FCB1010 as a controller, but it lacks features.
  • Reactor FR Cabinet; Cabinet that goes along with Axe-FX Ultra. It has tubes, so it must be good! Full range, flat response, and enough low-end kick to take down the Berlin Wall.
  • Trace Elliot Tramp; My first amp! Cost about 4000 marks, if I right recall. Basic amp, sounds okay, but won’t blow your mind.
  • Crate GX-15R; An amp I got when purchasing Ibanez GRX20. Small and discrete, suitable for practicing at home..


  • Microphones & DI boxes; Sennheiser e602-II, Sennheiser e906, Shure SM57, Behringer C-2, Behringer ECM8000, RØDE NT-1A, Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver Deluxe.
  • Audio interfaces & speakers; A pair of Genelec 8020A (kinda wish I would’ve waited for 8020B), E-MU0404, DigiDesign MBox2.
  • Guitar effects, stands, cables and other less cool stuff..
  • + the synth my parents bought me in 1994.

Axe-FX Ultra in action.

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