Mercalli XII

Mercalli XII is a band started by Pate and me sometime in 2010. Later we were joined by Miiro and we started working on some original material. Things started rolling forward and we needed a singer and a bassist, so we recruited Ari and Juho, both exceptional drinkers. The music style is a combination of grunge, stoner rock, and prog rock. Hard-pressed I’d label it as neo-post-modern classic hard rock/black metal. Thus far we’ve released two songs: S.H.Arkfister and Makeshift (The Haunting in Vermont). Easiest way to find posts regarding the band is to search for the tag MXII on my blog.

July 2011: We recorded the drums for a demo of Smothered and LCD with Cyborg Wizard Thomas and we intend to finish it by the middle of August.


Mercalli XII – Makeshift by jupaakko

Mercalli XII – S.H.Arkfister by jupaakko

Mercalli XII – Gift (Demo) by jupaakko

Mercalli XII – Can’t Catch It (Demo) by jupaakko

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