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Well hello there, thanks for stopping by…

I’m Juha Pääkkö, and this is a blog about things concerning my life. You’ll see posts about music, personal things, some work-related things, and whatever I deem fitting to be published on the internets.

About my music hobby: I’ve been playing guitar since I was 11 years old, about the same time I started writing music. I own six guitars, two basses and a few amps (including Axe-FX Ultra) and some recording equipment, like an MBox2. Metal has been my genre of choice, but I’ve always dabbled in different styles, like funk, jazz, rock and blues…

I play guitar in a band called Mercalli XII, in which I also write the music and the lyrics. For more info on the band go here.

About my personal life: I live in Espoo, Finland, where I was born in 1986. I have wife named Petra and two daughters, Sofia from my previous relationship and my wife’s child Elli. My other hobbies include sports (ice hockey, football, depending on the season) and computer games. I was employed at Omnia, where I studied and worked as an audio engineer, which entailed recording, mixing and mastering all sorts of projects and events. I received my degree in audiovisual communication in 2011. Most of 2011 I spent home taking care of Sofia and the household, while maintaining my interest in music and games. I’m currently employed at a daycare center taking care of children, but I’m thinking about enrolling into university and trying to find work from my own field.

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