The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey..

.. was very good! A solid 9 stars out of 10. Much more epic than its counterpart in the first trilogy and with a lot of great action scenes that were really enhanced by 3D and the higher frame rate. The use of technology wasn’t gimmicky as it was in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, which was a relief to me. Superb acting, superb make-up, superb set design, believable special effects and great writing!


Puke-a-thon. If there’s one disease to be hated…

Been writing some riffs for a trio type ensemble.. Heavily inspired by Kyuss, Slo Burn, etc. Let’s see if this is a lasting direction.

Looking forward to seeing The Hobbit. Don’t have tickets yet and I might not go see it until January, unless we get a nice evening without the kids after it’s opened on the 12th.