Twilight and Vampires

Saw the last Twilight movie last night. Mind you, it was also the first one I saw, so my opinion might not be entirely valid, but I think it was too cliché-ridden and I did not care for the way vampires were portrayed. It pandered too much to young girls for my liking, but granted, they are the target audience.

The battle scene was good, but I did not care for how they rewound the time, so that nothing ever really happened. I understand that this was Bella’s first appearance as a vampire, so why she was so amazingly strong was a bit silly. I like the way True Blood handles vampire strength, i.e. the longer you’ve been a vampire, the stronger you are. Godric and his introspective mind in True Blood was more awesome than Aro and his naive lust for power could ever be.

Watch this, not that, Juha edition: Don’t see Twilight, see True Blood… Or better yet Bram Stoker’s Dracula from 1992 with Gary Oldman, Keanu Reeves, Anthony Hopkins and Wynona Ryder.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward

Don’t you just hate it when life deals you good cards, but you still can’t seem to win?

Looking for talented musicians to join a band is hard. We’ve had what seems like amazing luck, but also utterly abysmal luck at the same time. Found some great singers and bass players who seem to lose interest at a moment’s notice.. Gotta try more, I guess.

Gathering Speed

Life’s been picking up lately. Finally had a good band rehearsal, found a new game to play and I’ve even had fun practicing some Opeth lately. Had a fun Father’s Day and a good weekend, too.

Sofia and Elli seem to fight a lot these days. They can be mesmerized by the TV too, though, which is great if you need some me-time (i.e. cooking, cleaning…..)



Not much going on lately, unfortunately. I’ve been sick with the flu.

Bought Mark of the Ninja on Steam. It’s a pretty cool game, which you can play in different ways, like the Hitman series. I’ve been playing it the stealthy way, trying not to raise any alarms and avoiding any kills, but I realized you get some sort of bonuses for kills too, so I might just change my playing style.

I’ve been practicing some Lamb of God songs! Reclamation, Blacken the Cursed Sun, Dead Seeds, Contractor… It’s been fun, especially when playing with an amp and somewhat cranking the volume, but I can’t really play once the kids are asleep, so I’ve been thinking about starting to drag Axe-FX back and forth between home and the rehearsal room…


So, I got Netflix. At least the one-month free trial. It’s been okay thus far, especially for watching stand-up and cartoons for the kids, but I’m a bit disappointed with the lack of selection. I’d like more TV shows, so I might be better off getting HBO Nordic, once it’s available.