I gotta start jogging more regularly. Just reviewed my activity on RunKeeper and noticed I’ve been out running for only about four times a month, which is obviously less than my goal of running twice or even three times a week. On Sunday I ran about 5km, which was awesome, but I ran too fast tiring myself, so I wasn’t able to do 10km, which was my original intention.

Last year I was running about 50-60km a month, and now it’s down to 10-20km. Argh.

Star Wars

We’ve been watching Star Wars movies with the wife the last couple of nights. We’re going by episode order and I can’t say I’m exactly thrilled with the first two. There are a few redeeming moments, but CGI doesn’t age well. As a minor Star Wars nerd I am loving the lore, though. My nerddom is mostly confined to the comics and the video games. I’ve also seen a few independent movies, which have been impressive, but I cant rememeber their names.

I still don’t like red wine.

Gangnam Style

Rough one and a half weeks behind me, and the same is up ahead. Feels like there ain’t much spare time, although it’s not true.

Weekend was fun. Me and the kids danced to Gangnam Style, but when I put the music video on TV they seemed to be mesmerized by the dance moves. They sat and stared as I replayed the music video four times.. Weird.