Faster Than Light

I’ve been playing FTL. I like it, but I get really mad playing when after playing for two hours, my ship just gets pummeled by the Rebel Flagship. Yesterday, I managed to destroy it twice, but I think you have to destroy it thrice to beat the game..? Anyway, I wish there was a game like it, but longer and more RPG elements for the crew members, maybe? I dunno. I think I’m through with it for a while, because I hate having my progress just wiped out. I love games where you can progress, I guess.

10km and Kyuss

So I ran 10km yesterday. Took me almost one and a half hour. I only had a half minute sitting break when I tried to rip the toenail that was slowly drilling its way into my other toe. Pretty awesome. I had a playlist of 5-6 Kyuss songs to aid me, and at moments it felt as if the music was the only thing that kept me going…


Awesome Autumn

We live in a nice place. Not far from us, there’s a forest that’s on the way to Sofia’s former daycare center. We went there on the weekend and discovered… Blueberries! Which is funny, because hours earlier we bought blueberries from the store with which to bake a pie. Autumn can be awesome, too.