Summer’s Gone

The last days of summer are almost gone. The pieces of the puzzle are slowly falling into their places and the life-to-come is taking its shape. Things are good and stable. Not very good or perfect, just good, and that’s enough. There are moments of perfection also, not to mention moments of despair once in a while, but the general outlook is good.



Tomorrow should be the day we finally get to practicing MXII songs again. I’ve started writing a new song for the band, too.. well, basically just one cool riff. Creativity is slower than ever these days.

Work has become routine again. Some days are easy and other days make me wanna quit, but I guess every job is like that.

I visited the amusement park Linnanmäki a week ago. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. The first ride almost made me pass out, but it feels as if I slowly built a tolerance for the speed and the spinning. I think I tried all the awesome rides, including Ukko, which was a great adrenaline rush. To be at a height of 50+ (?) metres upside-down and survive the experience was pretty damn fun. I even tried TopSpin (called Kieppi these days, I think), which I never had the guts to try before: it was a small victory in my life.


Made a few small changes in the About me section, complete with a picture change!

My current ways of finding new music are subscribing to feeds on Amazon and Spotify’s radio. It has resulted in several good finds, for example this morning I found this:

From Spotify’s alternative radio I found this:

Endless Days

Not a lot of free time lately. I can’t complain, since I’ve brought this on myself. I’m thinking about getting into university, but can’t really find anything that interests me. Maybe I should browse the websites of universities more thoroughly..
Might be getting an ear infection, the first time in ages, it feels like.
Band stuff is slowly progressing. Sent a few emails to potential bass players.. If only we’d get a proper line up, we could start practicing new songs and try to get gigs..

And oh.. I hate shit. Literally.


Back to Business

I’m back at the ol’ grind. Work’s okay, but getting up in the morning has been a real struggle. It’s good to have routines, but I’m gonna miss all my spare time.

We played the second wedding gig on the weekend and it was a blast! We started at about midnight and played until two in the night. Yesterday we went back to the rehearsal room and jammed some Kyuss, after we got everything set up again. There’s no clear direction for the band stuff now, but I’m sure we’ll think of something..