Synchronized diving? Check.

Been watching some weird sports on TV. It’s good to pass the time while looking after the kids. It’s also good for a brain reset.

We got married. It was stressful, but fun. Otherwise, I’ve been trying to avoid stress. Got a strange twitch under my eye, which might be caused by stress, though, so I’m not sure I’m doin’ it rite.

Cleaning Day

Cleaned a lot of the apartment today. Inspired not to go out by still being diseased, I started tidying around and suddenly I noticed I was cleaning out the closet, washing clothes and taking old stuff to the basement..

I also cleaned out the computer with some pressurized air and the vacuum cleaner. It was more effective than I imagined and clearly something I should’ve done earlier, since it prolongs the age of all the hardware.


We switched to another rehearsal room yesterday in Tapiola. The new one is a bit smaller, but entirely ours..  bwahahaha. Last Saturday we played the first wedding gig of this summer and it was pretty cool! Had a good time and strangely enough didn’t feel nervous at all. I did manage to break the D string during Tinakenkätyttö prompting a 5 min break, which in hindsight was a very welcome break.

I think I’ve got some stomach disease which I contracted from Petra/Elli, but the other possibility is that the spicy Chinese food I ate yesterday is not on good terms with my stomach and intestines. Hopefully, I won’t have to go through a similar ordeal as the one in December.

Three Weddings and a Game

We’ve got the first wedding gig on Saturday. I’ve done most of my part and the songs are sounding pretty good, in my opinion! Might be fun to record something and put it up, if we get the chance. I’ll probably play some songs on the electric and a few songs on acoustic, but I’m not sure which ones, yet..

Diablo 3 has become a fun time-sink again. The scheduled maintenance stuff is getting annoying, but I’ll just have to think of other stuff to do when the servers are down.

Gnucash Cont.

So I kinda got a handle on Gnucash, but it still seems overly complex for the simple function I need it for. I might just try to make my original OpenOffice spreadsheet better, which might be another project for this summer.

I’m pretty tired, though. Maybe even chronically tired. Diablo 3 became a bit more fun again, when I realized how I should approach the game. New goals are always exciting!

Next week we’ll play a wedding gig with the band and I’m not too confident that we’ve had enough rehearsals. We still have a few days left to rehearse next week, so we better step up and take it to the next level.

I wish vacationing these days felt more like the vacations of yesteryears..


Jari told me about the accounting software he’s been using called Gnucash. I’ve done all my accounting in OpenOffice spreadsheets thus far and they’ve been easy to use, of course, cos I’ve designed them myself. I’ve been trying to get into Gnucash, but when every little thing I want to do requires me googling up instructions on how to do it, implementing it has been really discouraging. For example, I mistakenly pressed not to show warning dialogs for deleting transactions, defaulting it for not deleting anything, rendering the delete button useless. My first instinct was to go to the Preferences section of the application and try to find it, but to no luck. Everything seems completely counter-intuitive, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it, eventually…