Ear Infection, Pt. 15: The Payback

Another ear infection. Well, you had to have something good to follow after a stomach disease, so why not a classic? At least the doctor thought it was a classic case of ear infection. 😀

I’m up to level 55 in Diablo 3 now with my Demon Hunter character. The game has become noticeably harder in the Hell difficulty setting, but it’s still fun, so I’m chugging along. Actually, it’s much more fun to play with other people, I’ve been mostly playing with Tomppa.

Not much else going on.. Feeling a bit lackadaisical lately, but I guess it’s just a question of not having any proper goals at the moment. I’ll have to think of something…

No Food

I’m going on no food! Haven’t eaten pretty much anything during the last two days. I’ve got the runs. Luckily, I haven’t been puking like the last time I had these types of stomach problems.

Diablo 3 has occupied my mind for the most, but I’ve pretty much “figured it out”, as far as you can figure out a game and it’s maybe becoming a bit boring. There are also certain design flaws (or features), i.e. being forced to use the in-game auction house in order to have the type of gear you need to survive in the second difficulty level, that are giving me a bad taste. More rare drops, plz.

We watched The Expendables a few days ago. It was exactly what you might have expected. A strange lack of female upper body nudity for such a male machismo movie, though. The second part is opening in theatres in August, so I might have to go check it out.


Weekends are for relaxing.

Went bowling which I haven’t done in a long time, it was quite fun! Didn’t bowl as good as I used to, but I had to look after Sofia at the same time, so that might account for it. I had a few strikes!

It’s been pretty slow otherwise.. I’m pretty much sure I’ll continue working at the daycare center after July, which means I’m safe until 2013! Take it, Mayans.. Wait what?

Diablo 3

I simply couldn’t resist the temptation any longer, so at the moment I’m installing the guest pass version of Diablo 3, which Tomppa gave me. I’ve promised myself not to play it until I’ve gotten everything else done that I’m supposed to get done each day and hopefully it’ll be like that. Fortunately, the guest pass won’t go further than Act 1, so I’ll most likely be having a gaming pause until July, when work ends…