The Break

It’s been a lazy few days on my part. Haven’t accomplished much of anything, except for today. Finally got around to doing some tedious maintenance tasks of life. 😀 There’s nothing like a half a day of work followed by some good food and company… followed by ice cream. Also wrote a tab for a Led Zeppelin song for tomorrow and managed to create a cool chord progression for the solo part of an MXII song called Hook, Line, Sinker. The name will probably still change, though, when I get to writing the lyrics…

Haven’t had the willpower to improve the drum-programming of the first part of Defenestrated, which is a three-part project I’ve been working on. I recorded the bass already, but the drums need some editing ‘cos the splashes and ride cymbals are on the wrong notes… Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow? Aaanyway, you can check out the current state:

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