Draped in Disease

A week draped in disease fortunately ends in good health! At least for me, although I’m still not feeling perfect, but I’m getting there.

It’s been almost to the day one year since I received my last paycheck before I received one again yesterday! Earned money always feels so much better than money you receive for unemployment. I’m enjoying this job and having mixed feelings of it ending at the end of June.

I watched The Spanish Prisoner with Petra the other night. It was just as great as I remembered it to be from watching it the last time several years ago.

Not much else special going on.. Probably gonna start recording the first part of a three-part piece the coming week, but it depends on how much effective time I have…

Sick Days

The entire family is sick. Petra’s at the hospital, Sofia suffered from ear infections, Elli’s nose is runny as usual and I’ve got some weird cold. My nose is runny, my throat is sore in a weird, weird way… Maybe I’ll get better!

I pre-ordered a new game called Legend of Grimrock! It reminds me a lot of Stonekeep, which I played when I was little. When googling the website I mistakenly wrote “legend of grindrock” which instantly made me want to write a grindcore tribute song for the game. 😀 The music in the game is done by Stakula, who some of you may remember from his MoonTV days!

A Productive Week

A lot happened this week. First week of work behind me at the new job and both a training and a record session with the band!

Having a job feels like having a job, to be honest. It’s not as much in my ballpark as my earlier job at Omnia Audiopaja, but it’s educative in other ways. I’ll probably only be there until the end of June anyways, so I should try to take the most of it.

Pate finished editing the video from the recording session last night and posted it on Facebook and I added them on the website.. Check it out!

I still hate seeing myself in videos. I used only headphones when I mixed the sound, so it’s a bit iffy, but it’ll do for a live recording! Should’ve used a reference, I guess.

Time to go to work…

Got up an hour ago. Been all kinds of personal chores and other stuff to pass the time, but in about an hour I’ll be at work for the first time in about a year. Pretty interesting.

We recorded some live takes of Can’t Catch It, Cigarette Gaze and Gift with Miiro and Pate yesterday and if all goes according to plan (which I’ve realized never does) I’ll record the bass parts tonight! Pate will edit some crazy video stuff over it and we’ll upload them for your amusement. There were some hilarious incidents as we played and in my opinion they can only be taken as a sign of how well we play together and good chemistry… Let’s hope they were recorded as ones and zeros!

We’ll still looking for a new singer and bassist so if you think you’re up to the task contact anyone from the band or mail us!


So I got a job! Just a temporary job, but better than nothing. I’ll be taking care of children at a local daycare center ’till July. Who knows, maybe there’s a career in that..

I also retrieved my repaired MacBook Pro from Machuolto, who did I fine job fixing it up! I’ll probably record some jams at the rehearsal room when I get a chance. Stay tuned!

Bon Iver

Finally took a good listen to Bon Iver’s debut album and I’m very impressed! These are some of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard. An atmosphere of pure calmness, which is something I can appreciate being in the company of children most of the time.

Another great song I stumbled upon listening to the Rock Solid podcast is Big Dipper’s “Faith Healer”.

Band stuff is going great. We bought a new PA system for the rehearsal room and it feels like we’ve got some momentum going on… for the 530198th time, but still! 😀 Now all we gotta do is harness that momentum and create awesome music!


iPhone Games

I tried out Shadow Cities, a game for iPhones (and maybe iPads). It was really interesting to begin with, but it quickly devolved from an awesome, mystical game into a simple do-things-in-the-right-order game. In the end, not enough content to keep me interested in the long run. The concept was fabulous, though, but didn’t really suit my current situation. You had to move in the real world in order to place Dominators which allowed you to capture parts of a city. In the slippery winter-time, it’s not that much fun to go outside for long walks, but I might give it another shot in the summer.

I also played some Angry Birds on Facebook, which is pretty fun. I’m liking the high score system, which makes it really competitive.

Music’s Cool

Been working on more and more music stuff. I pretty much gave up on gaming, but I might get addicted to the Facebook version of Angry Birds, unless I find something else that’s even slightly interesting. In the mean time however music will be my focus…

Had a kind of a job interview today. More on that later as the story develops and minds are made up.


Well, things didn’t go as I hoped, but there’s still a light at the end of the tunnel regarding my employment situation. I’m just going to have to rethink some of my stuff..

At least I’ve gotten my musical mind running again with all kinds of crazy ideas popping up. I’m almost finished with a new Mercalli XII song and I’ve got a few other solo things I’m working on featuring some poppier and some heavier stuff.

New Game!

So I got a new game called Victoria 2 and I’ve already wasted countless hours on it. Unlike Skyrim I can play this for hours on end which has led to a few half-marathon sessions. It’s the follow-up to the first Victoria and comes from a long line of similar Paradox games.

Last night I started a game with Transvaal and managed to become a Secondary Power by collecting prestige, which gave me the right to colonize new provinces. I tried playing as Brazil earlier, but I got mowed down by countless anarcho-liberal uprisings, a feature which almost ruined the game for me. I installed the latest patch yesterday which might have corrected the problem of the rebel uprisings, but I haven’t had a chance to try out with other nations than Transvaal.