Baking and Cooking

I suck at baking these days. My sense of taste has developed because Petra’s cooking skills are far beyond mine and I’ve realized that the food I’m used to cooking and eating is pretty tasteless and pre-made. I made some muffins the other night and they were completely tasteless and airy… I guess I gotta relearn some of the stuff I thought I knew.


Gonna make an important phone call today. It will define my future for quite some time. More on it later depending on how it pans out…

Don’t worry, I have a plan B, too.

It annoys to no end me how the Finnish social net is penalizing me for working. Remember that gig I mixed at Sellosali? Yeah, now they won’t pay me my unemployment benefits, until I’ve given them the job receipt, which I won’t get until next month, so the money I was supposed to receive yesterday will most likely be on my bank account two weeks from now. And all this for 3½ hours of work.

What is the reasoning behind something like this? Probably to ward off people who claim they’ve worked for some low sum of money, but upon receiving the job receipt Kela realizes it was more than the initial amount.. But why not have them take back the money afterwards if an overpayment is noticed? I have no idea why this has been deemed as the best system of handling matters like these and the person working at Kela who received my call yesterday couldn’t really defend it either. It’s really annoying when you’re treated as if you’ve done something wrong the moment you step into the system. Guilty, until proven innocent by a few pieces of paper.


Had my first job interview in ages yesterday at Linnanmäki. A bit of a half-hearted attempt on my part, because I’m expecting something better to come along, but maybe I managed to persuade the interviewer.

I’ve played less Skyrim lately; maybe an hour a day by average. It’s slowly losing its appeal, as I’ll soon begin to max out some of the skill trees, and I’m not sure if the endless amount of quests will keep me interested.

Apparently I’ve lost all my session backups from my days at Omnia. Which sucks. Think I might’ve deleted them with the intention of recopying them later on, but seems like I forgot and now it’s too late. Guess I gotta start recording more stuff by myself so I’ve got stuff to mix. 😀

MacBook UnPro

So my MacBook Pro stopped working last week. I took it to MacHuolto and they said it’d be 540e to fix it, cos the motherboard was broken. I was ready to let it travel to that great server farm up north, but Petra told me that our home insurance will probably cover it and we sent in the insurance application. Now we play the waiting game…

I also updated the About Me section, which you should check out, especially if you’ve got a job to offer me. 😉

Complicated Constructs

I have a bad habit of making simple things more complicated than necessary. I create all sorts of systems for doing the simplest of tasks in daily life. Fortunately, I have a few people around me who unknowingly criticize me and I’ve also become more critical of my own constructs. Many times a simple list in Google Docs is more efficient than automated spreadsheets.

Cigarette Gaze

I started recording a demo version of Cigarette Gaze. First off, I had the drums imported into Pro Tools from Guitar Pro 5, which is the medium I use to write down ideas and compose music generally. After that I began practicing the bass stuff and once I had it down so-so I started recording it. When recording homedemos like these, I do a lot of copy-pasting to save time, so I took me probably 20-30 mins to adjust the sound and record all the necessary parts at a sufficient quality. Here’s what I have this far:

[audio:|titles=Cigarette Gaze Bass]

In other news, I applied for a job at Linnanmäki, the amusement park in Helsinki. Got a job interview in a few weeks, we’ll see how that pans out. Although I think I might have other options I could pursue before starting there, but it’s good to have something to fall back on.

I’ve also been playing some more Skyrim, which seems to be endless…

Ow, My Face

Went to the dentist to fix my cavities. My face is numb and in pain simultaneously. I can’t feel the right side of my nose, but the left side is fine. 😀

Been listening to some Finnish hiphop, specifically a group called Ruger Hauer. My view of Finnish hiphop was very flawed, since I only heard stuff that was very popular.. and consequently watered down and not very impressive, but this.. This is obviously what it’s all about.

I also mixed a gig at Sellosali this morning, which had me nervous all night. Being nervous about stuff like that doesn’t make sense to me, but still I’m nervous for some reason. Everything went fine, the band was happy, the kids were loud (thus, happy) and it sounded good. Live mixing is still some sort of a mystery to me. I do the best I can and follow my intuition and it seems to lead to good results, so I guess I shouldn’t overanalyze.

I’m starving, but it’ll still take a few hours for the anesthesia to wear off…


The dust has begun to settle. Personal things have changed and so have band stuff.

I’ve been playing more guitar again lately. Yesterday I practiced some Mercalli XII songs and I’ll probably record a demo of Cigarette Gaze, once I feel like it. I also practiced Lamb of God’s Dead Seeds.. I already managed to get a good grip on Blacken the Cursed Sun earlier this week. Granted, they’re not hard songs to play, but I’m trying to not overdo with the practicing.

“I’ve got all the time in the world.”

I’m trying hard not to become stuck in the moment and to use the momentum of change that’s been in the air, but I’m not sure if I’ll get far enough just yet. Might require more time…