Been trying out Skyrim today. It’s impressive, but I’m a bit overwhelmed by it, in the same way I was overwhelmed by Oblivion ages ago. Being a completionist, a game like this really throws me off. I think I’ll stick to finishing Borderlands before being engrossed by Skyrim…


Ah, good ol’ Borderlands. Took it up again after a long break. It’s a damn fine game to just blast through as a stress-reliever. I hadn’t gotten that far in it, apparently, so I’ve still got lots of hours left with it, buuuut.. I think it’s likely I’ll become bored with it before I finish it.

Rearranged the apartment. I’ve got a better space for mixing and other music stuff now. Earlier I was plagued by the reverb of a large room, but now everything sounds much tighter and the bass is less hollow. I’m pretty much comfortable with it by now, but I need to listen to more music.

Speaking of music I’ve been playing some guitar lately. My technique really needs some polishing, but I’ve got some time to spend on it now, I just gotta make the best of it. It’s weird how some other parts of my playing seem to improve even if I don’t actively practice them. I feel like I can play groovier stuff easily for each passing day.

Been watching some Game of Thrones, too. Having seen it once there aren’t many surprises, but I’ve caught a lot of details I didn’t notice the first time around. New season begins in April! Can’t wait for what they’ve cooked up…