Sit and Drink…

Been well busy lately. Visited my grandparents yesterday with Sofia and she had lots of fun. I also went over to Tomppa yesterday and we played Bezzerwizzer, which I happened to win again! I might’ve luckier with the questions this time, though..

Two days until my Christmas holidays begin. Being unemployed the holidays don’t mean much, except for the fact that I’ll be far away from here.

I think I’ll start recording my own music again, since band stuff stuff seems to progress so slowly. I have an urge to create new music. Who knows, maybe I’ll even try recording vocals myself! I haven’t done that in ages, but my singing skills have definitely improved. I’m listening to an old recording of me playing and singing Pennyroyal Tea and it sounds surprisingly good. 😀 My vocal technique sucks, but I can hit the notes…. so so. The harmonies actually sound good. I bet they would sound even better through autotune! 😉

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