Fine, Just Fine

There are still some changes up ahead. I’ve been trying to resume my life into its normal state, but it’ll take a while until I become used to things. I’ve got quite a lot of freedom for the moment and I’ve been filling up my schedule with my usual tasks, like band rehearsals and visiting friends and family.

I visited my cousin last Saturday and it was fun seeing how her children have been growing. Her son isn’t much younger than Sofia and I’m sure they’ll become friends in the future, if we still live close to each other. Sofia got to taste some fishsticks and mashed potatoes, although it was hard for her to concentrate with her young relatives running about and distracting her, but it was fun. 🙂

Sofia’s able to eat by herself already. She managed to eat morning porridge and some spaghetti with a spoon. 😀

Things are going fine and I become excited when I think about what the future will bring me.

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