Went to the dentist today. Apparently I’m not taking good enough care of my teeth. I usually eat candy when going out for walks with Sofia and its been taking its toll on my teeth. Gotta start chewing bubblegum and drinking water, I guess.

What else is new?

Living alone isn’t the most fun, to be honest. Thankfully, Sofia will be here with me on the weekend, if I manage to acquire a bed for her in time. Otherwise we’ll be sleeping at grandma’s..

Watched tons of Family Guy and American Dad last night. I also resumed playing Sims Social, which is a good time-sink. I’ve also been playing guitar a bit more lately, as I’ve tried to expand my repertoire of songs I can perform while playing and singing, which still takes practice. For some reason I love to play Colors of the Wind from the Pocahontas movie. 😀 I was also thinking of practicing some original version of Billie Jean, but it’ll take some figuring out.

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