What Once Was

I noticed few nights ago that apparently whoever redid the windows in this apartment decided it would be best to skimp on the sealing tape and that’s what’s been causing the drafts in here. The upper side of each window in the bedrooms hasn’t been sealed properly. So, last Tuesday I got some sealing tape and sealed it up!

Same night I either got food-poisoning or some stomach flu, which was the most sick I had been in years. An hour before midnight my stomach was feeling really bad, but I had no idea what was up ahead. The following six hours would be physically the most terrible time I’ve had in ages. It began with some horrible diarrhea and continued with some proper stomach-pumplike vomiting. I vomited all over the floor next to my bed and I was pretty shocked. Being a man who doesn’t enjoy alcohol (unlike most Finns/most people of my age), I haven’t thrown up in maybe… ten years? At least it feels like it was that long ago. For some reason I did manage to clean up the vomit from the floor, no idea how. Never having been in such a state before I wasn’t clued in on how to treat stomach flu/food-poisoning, so I made the mistake of not drinking any fluids for the following four hours, which left me physically too weak to stand up and really dizzy.

I laid in bed unable to fall asleep and too tired to stay awake. I got up from bed about four in the morning and went to the bathroom for some more fun, but after having sat on the toilet for a minute or two I passed out. I woke up dazed, but managed to gather myself, only to find myself covered in vomit. I stumbled back to bed and fortunately had my laptop on my bed so I started reading up on how to treat myself. I realized I was dehydrated! I literally crawled to the kitchen, got a glass and poured myself some water, which I sipped for the next few minutes on the floor. I got back to bed and drank some water every now and then and I started feeling better. Wednesday I measured my fever and it was a whooping 38.6, which was a surprise, cos I didn’t feel feverish, just very cold from time to time.

Long story short: I survived! My stomach still feels a bit weird, dunno why, but I’m hoping it’ll be better by tomorrow or the day after that. I think I lost about 4-5kg of weight all in all, but I’m sure I’ll gain them back. I still don’t really feel like eating, but I’ve forced myself to eat some bread and fruits on top of the fruit juices I’ve been consuming for the last two days.

Oh. Probably my longest post ever.

Sit and Drink…

Been well busy lately. Visited my grandparents yesterday with Sofia and she had lots of fun. I also went over to Tomppa yesterday and we played Bezzerwizzer, which I happened to win again! I might’ve luckier with the questions this time, though..

Two days until my Christmas holidays begin. Being unemployed the holidays don’t mean much, except for the fact that I’ll be far away from here.

I think I’ll start recording my own music again, since band stuff stuff seems to progress so slowly. I have an urge to create new music. Who knows, maybe I’ll even try recording vocals myself! I haven’t done that in ages, but my singing skills have definitely improved. I’m listening to an old recording of me playing and singing Pennyroyal Tea and it sounds surprisingly good. 😀 My vocal technique sucks, but I can hit the notes…. so so. The harmonies actually sound good. I bet they would sound even better through autotune! 😉


Went to the dentist today. Apparently I’m not taking good enough care of my teeth. I usually eat candy when going out for walks with Sofia and its been taking its toll on my teeth. Gotta start chewing bubblegum and drinking water, I guess.

What else is new?

Living alone isn’t the most fun, to be honest. Thankfully, Sofia will be here with me on the weekend, if I manage to acquire a bed for her in time. Otherwise we’ll be sleeping at grandma’s..

Watched tons of Family Guy and American Dad last night. I also resumed playing Sims Social, which is a good time-sink. I’ve also been playing guitar a bit more lately, as I’ve tried to expand my repertoire of songs I can perform while playing and singing, which still takes practice. For some reason I love to play Colors of the Wind from the Pocahontas movie. 😀 I was also thinking of practicing some original version of Billie Jean, but it’ll take some figuring out.


Finished recording the rest of Watch Your Back’s material today. It was loads of fun! I cleaned up the sessions just now and I’m gonna start mixing ’em next week. With all the stuff going on I hope I’ll have it ready by mid-January.


Annoying Day

Today was stressful and annoying. Made some decisions.. or at least decided on a new direction.

People annoy me. Illogical and always in a hurry, but never in time anywhere.

Waiting for January.

Tomorrow we’ll record some Watch Your Back! I’m looking forward to recording nine tight songs. Also looking forward to mixing it! And the pizza. Pizza is always good.

Song of the moment:

Fine, Just Fine

There are still some changes up ahead. I’ve been trying to resume my life into its normal state, but it’ll take a while until I become used to things. I’ve got quite a lot of freedom for the moment and I’ve been filling up my schedule with my usual tasks, like band rehearsals and visiting friends and family.

I visited my cousin last Saturday and it was fun seeing how her children have been growing. Her son isn’t much younger than Sofia and I’m sure they’ll become friends in the future, if we still live close to each other. Sofia got to taste some fishsticks and mashed potatoes, although it was hard for her to concentrate with her young relatives running about and distracting her, but it was fun. 🙂

Sofia’s able to eat by herself already. She managed to eat morning porridge and some spaghetti with a spoon. 😀

Things are going fine and I become excited when I think about what the future will bring me.