Success!… Kinda

Last Friday I went to an interview to get into a course for artists. They accepted 20 people and my placement was 21st! Arrrgh. Well, I’m hoping someone drops out, so I can get in, but I’m not betting on it.

I’m semi-hooked on Sims Social on Facebook, since I’m not really playing anything else, at the moment. I’m still waiting for Minecraft to be patched up to 1.9, before I start over. Also kinda hoping I could play Skyrim, but I’m not sure if I want to.. yet. We’ll see.

Sofia woke up last night around four in the morning. I calmed her down, but every time I put her back into bed she started crying and since it was four in the morning my brain wasn’t being super smart to think of any other options. Thankfully, Mia woke up a bit later and got her to fall asleep. Changing to daylight savings time seemed to confuse our sleeping rhythms.

Sofia also likes to watch Shaun the Sheep, which is a pretty cool stop-motion animated series created by Nick Park, who’s also famous for creating Wallace and Gromit.

P.S. Cough is getting better!