Life has been slow lately. Still waiting for things that are beyond me to either end or begin. Meanwhile I’ve been listening to some new podcasts. I’ve dug Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist and of course Greg Proops’ The Smartest Man in the World, both comedy-related, but with a broad spectrum of topics. TSMITW has some political and sport tones, while Nerdist has some.. you might’ve guessed it, nerd and on top of that show biz tones. I especially enjoyed the newest episode of Nerdist with Penn Jillette and the stories he has.

Sometimes it feels to me like a person is measured by the stories they have. I’m not much of a story-teller. It feels like I stumble through important details and then stutter the punchline. 😀 I do like writing though, because you have time to think through your story.

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