My Legs Are Killing Me

I’m at week 10 of the Coachto10k program. I ran about 45 minutes today and it was hell on my legs. If I stick to the program it’ll only be three more weeks until I can run 10km, which will be an astonishing feat for me. I don’t doubt I can do it, but it’s just a question of keeping my head together.

Sofia’s grown fast. I realized I haven’t mentioned her on my blog in ages. She’s quite the climber now and you gotta be ready to swoop in and pick her up from chairs and lower tables. 😀 They finally called me regarding the daycare center application and we got a daycare place not too far from us, only about 10 minutes by bus.

Had a fun time at the new MXII rehearsal room with the guys from the other band inhabiting it. Things are moving along. I also got an offer to play in another band, but I’m not sure how that’s gonna pan out, yet.

And damn, my legs are killing me.

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