Late Night Update

Visited my brother and his girlfriend today. I gave him Minecraft as a graduation present and he’s been playing it eagerly, although he neglected to tell me before today, so I was thinking my gift was a failure. He showed me a few vids of self-repairing castles and that might be interesting to try out once 1.9 is out.

Sofia also had fun visiting them. She was rolling around on their bed and jumping about. She also received three cookies and wrestled a dog! The dog was Chuck Testa’d though.

Apparently Sofia’s daycare place is closer than I thought. In fact it might be the second closest option, but since it was hidden away in the forest, I didn’t know its location before passing by it today.

Writing music has eluded me lately. I need to get on top of it again. It’s surprisingly hard to play guitar when you’ve got someone grabbing a hold of the fretboard and trying to remove the guitar from you..

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