Fun Day

Had a nice day today. We went bowling and playing billiards with Mia, Sofia and a friend of mine. I won the bowling, wee! For some weird reason the bowling skills I’ve slowly accumulated during the last ~18 years haven’t vanished, even though I’ve had breaks of several years in between. I also got a few lucky wins in billiards, but it was fun, anyway. 😀

I’m a bit disappointed at how slow Mercalli XII is happening. I feel like I should be doing more to get stuff done… On the other hand I’ve been working on some of my own music, after rummaging through my old music ideas folders. Thousands of files of random ideas and songs ranging from weird black metal stuff to strange attempts at serialism. Sometimes in the same idea. I kinda wanna write a song and record it all by myself, just to get the feeling of progress. The good part about playing in a band is not having to memorize and learn to play all the parts, which can be a drag when doing solo stuff.

It’s strange listening to old music you wrote, but haven’t heard in ages. You find both diamonds and wasted coal. I’ve also got a more sophisticated sense of music these days. I’ve mixed genres in some weird ways back then…

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