Sunday Morning Pt. 2

Ah, what a nice feeling. This is an easy day. I’ll most likely get all my overdue tasks done on top of doing all the tasks that are due today!

I missed a deadline for an employment office course, damnit. Might mean I don’t get any benefits for about a month, but I’ll survive, either way. Meanwhile, my job hunt is winding up, although I’m a bit confused regarding what I’m going to do. I’m conflicted by the challenges of this line of work and family life/hobbies/everything else, especially after being reminded of it all by Ari.

Seems like the wrong things are always black and white and the things you wish were clear are usually gray in nature.

I’ve been playing Minecraft 1.8 and it’s pretty fun again! I’ve got some problems with my account, so I can’t log in with the launcher for some reason. I’ll have to try to fix the problem so I can play online again. At the moment I’m only able to play SSP or via the browser, which is confusing since I’m used to full screen.

Had a listen to the new Opeth album while playing Minecraft yesterday and I have to say it’s quite cool! Way jazzier than I expected, but it’s still got Opeth written all over it. Gotta try to get into it properly by giving it a few more listens.

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