Smothered’s Guitars

So I recorded Smothered’s guitars today, which took about 3 hours. Less than I expected. I like the result, although there are a few things that are still a bit iffy and might have to be removed or changed in the mixing phase. But at least I got it done, after having rescheduled it over and over again for two weeks. It’s hard getting things done that require many hours of uninterrupted concentration and silence..

I also started watching a show called Louie, made by Louis C.K. I’ve watched half of the first season and it’s really hilarious and somehow very authentic. Something I can relate to in many ways.

I reserved Blood Meridian at the local library, another book by Cormac McCarthy, this time set in a time period I’ve become quite fond of lately: the American wild west of the 1800s. Gonna have to fetch it and start reading.

Not much else going on.. Except for new records at running: 24km in one week, which is pretty fantastic.

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