Real Time

Watching Real Time with Bill Maher. Probably the best political talk show I know, since it usually pits people with opposite opinions against each other.

I’ve been working on the Mercalli XII website, which is almost ready to be officially launched. We managed to get a new rehearsal space thanks to some luck and Pate seizing the opportunity. This will be a definite improvement on our last rehearsal space, even though it’s just one room away. 😀 No more spilled wine on my Reactor FRFR….

Been battling Kela papers. It’s surprising how much I hate bureaucracy, even though I’m a systematic, organized person. It just feels like such an uphill battle to be filling in papers with information you’ve already filled in several times. Feels like they’re not listening to me in the written form. Why won’t they remember stuff I’ve sent them earlier… Who knows.

The song of the past few days has been….

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